Toxic Melons

Toxic Melons are an upcoming band from Newcastle Upon Tyne, their music could be described as power pop/rock, but I believe it could be something more than that. Their influences of Queen, David Bowie and The Beach Boys definitely flow through the general sound of the band.

I gave their album 'Melon Jam' a listen and I even heard hints of a Beatles theme ranging from I am the Walrus and Glass Onion. Their sound is definitely not something which is conventional, they are all the more unconventional yet this shouldn't put us off, their music works, it works incredibly well in fact.Unconventional is not at all bad, you have to really love music to get it. It's verging perfection in the music world. It helps give a two fingers approach to the absolute rubbish excuse for chart music these days. Toxic Melons give us this. We can like their music because it ranges so much, mixing up the whole Melon Jam album.

Each song on this album has its own tale to tell, my favourite has to be The Dole, it gives an almost laughable judgement on the whole situation and you have to like it. It's almost pushed upon you to love it. The Dole has that 70's 'we can do what we like with music' approach and it's fantastic, why did it even stop?

Give Toxic Melons a listen, I swear they're just so impossible but all the same fantastic, i'd like to thank them for me not being able to stop humming their tunes all day! Go on, give them a listen!

Give a listen to Toxic Melons song, The Dole here;

You can buy and listen to their album here...


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