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There isn't much out there about The Balcony Stars at all, all there is is great music. I sat down and downloaded a recent tune of theirs, Kiss and Make it Better. I then shoved my iPod and shuffle and was like eh, I haven't heard this before, so I re-listened and focused in and by the end of the day, I was singing it, people were even asking me what was the song. Anyway, my point is, this psychedelic/pop/punk band from Liverpool, is going somewhere and with everything going on in the music industry right now, they are another fresh reminder of how the future of the music industry will be in safe hands - or there abouts.

Listen to Kiss and Make it Better here;

So realising the potential, I figured I had better get in there first and find out all about The Balcony Stars via a great interview...

Thanks for agreeing to this interview! I'll start off by asking about the band, who's in it and tell us a bit of background?

 The Balcony Stars has existed as a band for about 3 years . It was formed by Andrew Pringle and Alan Sullivan who are the creative nucleus of the band together with other musicians who have played on songs before and will feature again.

Kiss and Make it Better, I recently just downloaded this to my iPod and thought about artists such as The Vaccines, do you get much inspiration from the artists around today?

We're not particularly influenced by current bands although, we love Crocodiles, Moon Duo, Weekend, Crystal Stilts, a lot of American bands. The first Vaccines album was good and I think maybe they're influenced by a lot of the same bands as ourselves. I can hear a bit of Ramones in there and Velvets/Jesus and Mary Chain.

How did you get into music, was it through your parents or your own back?

None of our parents played instruments or anything but love music . Lots of Beatles/Stones ,Motown etc .

What era of music would you most like to have lived in and why?

1966 - 1969. Definitely the best era for music. The psychedelic 60's in a few years produced; The Velvet Underground, Jimi Hendrix, The 13th floor elevators  The Beatles ' Revolver ', The Pretty Things ' S.F Sorrow ', Lee Hazelwood, Scott Walker, Cream, some of the best Dylan and The Stones. Amazing. Anything was possible. No boundaries.

Is there anything in the pipeline or are you focusing on shows, what's your plan?

We have a new 5 track e.p out in December available as a free download via The Balcony Stars Bandcamp page or through Soundcloud. Early next year there will be another e.p and then a vinyl single in the summer. We've also got a track on a psych compilation released by the U.S radio show 'Trip Inside This House '. Also looking to play some high profile shows. We've not played live yet as The Balcony Stars and are looking forward to it!

Do you think artists need a plan or goal to get them through or into the music industry?

Bands should set goals and have a definite plan and direction. They should know what sort of music they want to play and do music they love NOT what they think other people will like .

Are there any routines in which you have to start writing music or does it just come to you during the day?

No set routine in writing. Sometimes we put lyrics to music ..sometimes vice versa. Sometimes we set out to write the greatest song ever written, and we're deffo getting there.

Is the Liverpool music scene what it used to be, in your opinion?

 The scene in Liverpool is definitely healthy. Lots of good venues, acoustic nights, bands promoting themselves. However, the post punk late 70's early 80's is the best era in Liverpool music, more so than even the merseybeat era. The Bunnymen, The Teardrop Explodes, The Pale Fountains, The Icicle Works, The Room, The Wild Swans... the list is endless, love em all.

I'd like to thank the Balcony Stars for this great interview, definitely a band for the future, keep on this radar, we'll be hearing more of them!


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