An Interview - The Cheap Thrills

The Cheap Thrills are another band I just happened to come across whilst surfing the internet a great little rock n' roll band from Liverpool. Listening to their music I want to liken them to a very young Arctic Monkeys and likes of One Night Only, City Stereo, yet they are not afraid to add a more, greater insecurity around the music. 

Rock n' roll music just like this really needs no direction. But along with the voice and a ridiculous amount of perfectly played music, The Cheap Thrills definitely tick the boxes of a conventional, up to date rock band.They may only be young, yet, they have so much to go. With some perseverance and knowledge of which can only be gained within more years of being involved in the industry they will go far. 

Haven't heard them before? Give them a listen here at Kendal Calling, playing their own song Justice, written for the Justice for the 96 campaign.

Thanks for agreeing to the interview! First of all, tell us a bit about yourselves, who influences you in music?

We are The Cheap Thrills, 4 underage lads who play garage rock and roll with a scouse accent. As a band we are influenced by loads of stuff, influenced by good guitar music mainly.

What do you want to happen in the next 5 years, going still be involved in music?

We'd love the be still involved in music we played Kendal Calling festival this summer with other Liverpool bands such as The Hummingbirds and Tea Street Band on the calling out stage, little comets and Tribes also played the same stage, it was a boss experience if we could play festivals every year that would be sound. It's so hard to 'make it' as a band though. Hopefully Rock and roll is going to make it back to the radio, and people start listening to bands again.

What is the dream for you?

 Wembley would be boss, rather play in Anfield though. We are more of a dingy club band. We'd love to be able to turn up to any city and pack out a horrible smelly sweaty club where everyone's off their tits.

Do you ever get tired of practicing together?

It does a get bit much at times all of us being in a dark shitty room for hours on end but after a few days of not practicing we are always rearing to get back to in and write some more tunes.

What do you think about shows like the X factor?

Shite, too commercial and fake. Mainly because none of the 'bands' who are produced from it don't write their own songs. Pop music can be great, but when the majority aren't writing their own songs, it's a bit of a shambles really.

Have you ever been in any competitions like battle of bands, etc?

Yeah we try to avoid them, but this year we won "Liverpool Sound Cities. Youth Live Award"  we competed against bands all over the Uk under 21 and we came out on top.

What do you think about the emerging Liverpool bands coming up from the new music scene?
The Liverpool scene has been a bit quiet the past year but boss bands like Tea Street Band , The Hummingbirds and Death at Sea  could really put Liverpool back on the map, hopefully as big as how much The Birmingham music scene has been brought to the spotlight with bands like Swim Deep and Peace.

I'd like to thank The Cheap Thrills for this interview, it gives a real insight into the music scene for new upcoming musicians in the industry. Give them a try, you never know when you'll be hearing them next..

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