Big Casino

Big Casino are an amazing new talent from Wirral, over the water from Liverpool. This band has outstanding potential. Just listening to them gives me chills, with their slow starts, gradually building up to a great climax. I feel like I want to liken them to the likes of Fall out Boy, yet, they capable of so much more. You really feel a deep passion for music along with an almighty, high voltage rock sound. This alternative rock group is going to create waves within the music scene, trust me.

Their debut EP, Carry Me In, is available for free download on their website,

Listen to Carry Me In, here;

After listening to this, I feel like I have to listen again and again. Each time you listen, you pick up on more pointers, listen again and you notice the fantastic lyrics, listen once more and the whole song is a complete unicorn. Absolutely phenomenal, the sheer effort and talent really reveals itself after an out of this world experience.

My favourite track from the EP has to be In My Head, you can give it a listen here;

 These guys have only just started out but if this is what they can achieve now, the future is tantalisingly exciting for this 3 piece miracle. 

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