An interview with Jessie Rose

I first came across Jessie Rose a couple of months ago, her sound and music just screams passion, you cannot listen to it and not hear the physical and mental effort in which the music contains. The voice is completely original yet some may compare to the likes of Duffy and a mild Paloma Faith, but just listen carefully and the rock n roll and soul tone comes flowing through. Originally from Manchester this singer songwriter along with members Jimmy Wood and Mark VT are sure to create a storm in the music industry, watch this space!

Listen to Jessie Rose here at Ruby Lounge, Manchester playing one of their own, Love me;

After hearing more I had to ask Jessie some more about her music.

First of all, I'd like to say I'm a real big fan of your music! Which artists inspire you to create your work and do you think their influences seem to slip in to your music?

Thanks so much, I'm really chuffed you're digging the tunes! I have tons of musical influences because I like so many different types of music, but I suppose an important one would be Jimi Hendrix. It was because of Jimi that I decided to pick up an electric guitar. Also when it comes to singers I'm a huge fan of Nina Simone and Billie Holiday as well as Dusty Springfield and Aretha Franklin. I was brought up listening to Motown and soul so that's embedded itself pretty firmly in my musical subconscious as well. Newer music wise (well newer than the stuff i've just listed) would be artists like The Fugees, I love Lauren Hill! As well as Cee Lo Green and his work with Danger Mouse as Gnarls Barkley, fabulous stuff!

How did the guitar come about?

Well I've always been quite competitive as well as a bit of a Tom boy growing up and when I reached about 14 I decided that I wanted to learn another instrument, I've played piano since I was about 7. I realised that the electric guitar was dominated by guys and I just found that a bit of a shame so it made me determined to make it something I could play, and play as well as any guy! It's also partly why my love of Hendrix came about, as well as Sister Rosetta Tharpe who was actually one of the first electric guitarists in popular music of the 20th century, she ripped it up before Muddy Waters did! Power to the ladies!

Do you think there's a bigger scene for musicians to have a greater liberation with their music?

Yes, definitely! I think all artists should feel music is their chance to speak out and feel liberated. A lot of artists get too scared about stepping too far over the line when it comes to song meanings, myself sometimes being one! There's a lot of pressure about what you feel you can and can not say, you're judged like hell in this industry, it's such a shame!

Manchester has an amazing background for music, is it something in the water? Haha

I know! Manchester really has done pretty well over these years. I really hope it's something in the water! I drink plenty of it so let's hope it's not too long until it starts working its' magic!

What has been your most favourite song of the year?

Tricky one! Not amazingly down with the kids when it comes to chart toppers n all that because I'm generally up to my eye balls working on my own stuff, but there has been a few tunes that have come out this year that I just really needed to have on my iPhone, one being 'Too Close' by Alex Clare, I think it's a great song! Also a recent discovery is a fabulous band called Alabama Shakes and their song 'I Found You', love this track! Couldn't give you a favourite though I'm afraid, sorry!!

Have you got any exciting upcoming news we can hear about?

Well the year we've been working towards is almost here! We are set for release the early part of 2013 as well as a tour in either the US or UK but i'm not too sure which one we're doing first. Album will follow shortly after and we're currently booking festival slots as we speak, can not wait!
There's lots coming up though so watch this space...

Is there anyone that's around now that you listen too, what qualities do they have?

Yes quite a few, I suppose a real fav would be Cee Lo Green, his voice is insane! He's a true inspiration! I also love Jack White, an amazing song-writer and musician, I'd love to do a collaboration with him one day.

How much time do you spend on your music, do you ever get tired of it?

Most of my time! Never get tired of it really apart from when we're doing mental hours in dark and dingy studios, that can get pretty damn tedious to say the least!

Where would you most like to be In 5 years, still making music?

Of course!! I would love to be touring my music all over the world, it's my ultimate dream!

I'm asking everyone I have interviewed to see who would be their ideal Glastonbury headliner, who would be your choice and why?

Prince, one of the best show men of all time! Plus I'd be so excited to see what outfits he'd be wearing! Of course if we could being Jimi back from the dead maybe the two of them could do a joint headline or something. Incredible thought!!!

I'd like to thank Jessie Rose for this great interview! I think you should give her a listen, she has something amazing and I know that we'll be hearing a lot more from her very soon, so beat the rush and become a fan for life!

You can catch her live on these dates;

  • 24th November - the Full Moon, Newcastle Under Lyme, UK

  • 15th December - Manchester Academy 3, UK

  • 28th December - Casablanca, Grimsby, UK


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