The Rascals

Ok, The Rascals. If you haven't heard them, The Rascals were a great band from Wirral, consisting of Miles Kane, Joe Edwards and Greg Mighall, their music was like no other band and the tone of Kane's voice only added to the amazing sound the band created and having toured with the likes of The Coral, The Zutons and Arctic Monkeys only adds a greater understanding for the rock/experimental rock musicians. I decided to rustle up -in order, my top 10 favourite tracks for you to listen to the perfection unfold piece, by, piece.

10. Is it too late

9. Out of Dreams

8. I'll give You Sympathy

7. Freakbeat Phantom

6. Lying under The second seal

5. The Glorified Collector

4. People watching

3. I'd be lying to you

2. How do I end this

1. Fear invicted into the Perfect Stranger

As a real lover of this group I found it hard trying to choose my top 10, proving the point they are an excellent listen. Also, their album Rascalize is one that I can listen to all the way through and enjoy every single song, now, that is completely rare for me as I usually like say 9/10 of the songs on most albums but with the Rascals, it's different.

If you are an avid fan of the Rascals, then give Awaydays a watch, a great little film created on the Wirral of which The Rascals have a brief part in, it's a good film and I demand you watch.

In 2009, Miles Kane announced that he was leaving the band in order to focus on his solo career in which in time he has released an equally amazing album, Colour Of The Trap, You need to listen to it if you haven't already, but that's for another time. 

For me, I want to have either reawakened your love for the Rascals or introduced you to an amazing adventure of which you can relive no matter when you decide to listen to them. Enjoy!


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