Magic in The Mundane EP - Ali Ingle

About a week ago now, you may remember reading a little review I wrote about a new indie/folk talent by the name of Ali Ingle. Today, I had the chance to have a listen to his brand new EP, Magic in The Mundane and I was incredibly excited by this amazing auditory.

The EP creates a new, little, easy-listening world for your mind to travel to. Each song is poetically ingenious. The poetic verses amalgamate together, fixing like a jigsaw piece by piece and with the added bonus of a fantastic track behind the image.

I Got You, the first track on the EP seems to hold more of a chilled out scenario involved within the introduction. Once you let the song grow, the acoustic guitar flows along with it. Then the vocals start, you feel perpetuated into listening more. You suddenly find your foot tapping or your head rocking to the tranquillity of the track.

Leaving Home, the next in order proves to carry on this chimerical vibe. Ingle's voice gives the song an emotion of which cannot be created by no-one other than himself, he possesses the song, captivating the listener. Another marvel of a song, Ribcage tells a cautionary recital giving the listener and longing with the music, a certain persona starts to form around the melody, making you feel at one with the music and most importantly, the musician of whom created such a masterpiece.

Empty House and Medicine both end an amazing listening experience which derives from listening to this EP. Both tracks almost act as a lullaby, completely numbing all senses of each a listener. You do not know how to act. This may scare some listeners, yet, the majority, if not all, will feel the absolute sedative vibes that end up travelling upon to this  EP.

If you ask me, this is an absolute perfect end to Magic in The Mundane. Something in which some top artists suffer from is definitely the order of which the songs appear in any release yet Ingle gets this absolutely correct. Making us see that there is certainly a lot more to him as an artist, making the future seem ever so more enthralling.

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