The D-Tales

The D-Tales are a fantastic little band from Liverpool, consisting of Mick Campbell, Sean Keogh, Tom Dutton, Ste Poole and Danny Newton. They use an infamous 80's trick, mixing multifarious genres into just one song, of which everyone seems afraid to even attempt these days, this is what makes The D-Tales that little bit more special than other bands around today.

I got listening to a few tracks from their upcoming, home-made album and I felt like I was listening to a late John Lennon track collaborating with David Bowie and Elvis Costello. Don't believe me? Give their track, Insomnia a listen;

The Train Journey, faultlessly named as it was the first song I listened to as I took my first step into the D-tales journey. The vocals contain a story yet it's adept tone adds another, in such ways overlapping succinctly in a beautiful, meaningful way. Definitely hitting the emotions of whoever listens, bearing emotion in such a way is a brave yet bold statement to make and I think The D-Tales have made sure it is nothing but the very best of what they can achieve.

The next in this journey is Come To Me, a great example of how they cunningly slot two or more genres together into one. The track replays within your mind after your ears take a listen, then it plays again, and again. It's such a catchy, upbeat track which on the surface is fantastic. Start pealing back the layers and you can hear an almost heart-wrenching tale. This tale is not only effective, it is an example of what nearly all us listeners have experienced at least once in our lives.

Now we come to Light a Little Light (A Dream), my favourite track. I can't even put my finger on why I love it. On a whole the instruments only add to the perfection of the vocals and then the vocals do the same to the written manuscript. 

Reason, it's a slightly slower song, yet the tempo adds more layers upon the amazing surface of what I can imagine the manuscript of it to be. You can hear more rustic vocals in this track, making you feel the title even more. If you're doubting this then you listen again, you must fully understand the song before taking up any issue (of which there is none) with it.

I mentioned Insomnia earlier as being a great example of Lennon, Bowie and Costello. At the start of the song you can recognise a familiar instrumental of which you'll find repeated further on in the track and vocals that elaborate as your ears understand the influences and then compute the fantastic discovery of having all these influences and their own prodigious sound.

Finally, the last song that we are able to catch a listen of is She'll Never Have No Friends. This song seems to add even more to the D-tales mix, with the backing vocals almost making the song. Without the backing vocals, She'll Never Have No Friends would almost be admirable, but to make it desirable they need the complete package, vocals, backing vocals, instruments, lyrics and most importantly, the personality of each member. 

After listening extensively I can clearly see The D-Tales have got amazing potential and I am dying to hear the completed album. Taking into account that this band have only been playing together since April, there is so much promise for them and a great future of which all listeners can't wait to be a part of.

If you've like what you've heard you can catch The D-Tales live on;

5th December - The Old Roan, Aintree
8th December - Sound, Duke Street, Liverpool

And if you're ever stuck for ideas on a Monday night you can catch them at the Monday Club at The Cavern Pub, Liverpool

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