The Moons

The Moons are a great alternative/indie/rock/psychedelic group from Northampton, front man Andy Crofts formed the group after his previous band, The On Off's, broke up and then started to work with Ben Gordelier. Since then The Moons have gone from strength to strength, supporting Beady eye and releasing two studio albums, Life On Earth and more recently, Fables Of History.

I've recently listened to the album (Fables Of History) and trust me it's an absolute marvel. Every song tells a story and contains stupendous amounts of smoothly flowing accompanying music and don't forget the perfect lyrical adroitness. 

The Tracklising for Fables Of History are as follows:
1. Be Not Me
2. Forever Came Today
3. Revolutionary Lovers
4. Jennifer (Sits Alone)
5. Double Vision Love
6. English Summer
7. Something Soon
8. It’s Taking Over
9. Can You See Me
10. Habit Of A Lifetime
11. Lights Out
12. The First Goodbye

Bonus Track:
Try Me, Love Me

My favourite has to be Jennifer (Sits Alone). The song itself is perfection and the personality that The Moons bring to it is Fantastic. I have mentioned personality a lot in previous reviews but it really makes a track. If an artist or band can portray their own or a made up personality in the music, then they are already on to a winner. You feel, as a listener, a stronger connection to music that has a type of personality that reaches out to you. It's almost like meeting someone at face value and making a subconscious split decision about them, yet, if you get to know the person, their personality shines through, sometimes bad but also good, apply this to music and you really do show a great understanding and complexity within your own music, if you are an artist. The Moons do this so successfully, I feel like the album could reach out to anyone who dared listen. 

Give, Jennifer (Sits Alone) a listen here:

Once you have listened you do start to understand the many points I have raised in this article. The Moons are fantastic and I challenge anyone who believes otherwise to prove it because I cannot see any faults within their music. One to watch for the near future, for sure. 


  1. Saw them at Northampton Roadmenders in October, they were excellent.