Ramblings of a teenage playlist and slight reviews

Right now, I'm feeling the whole SAD thing that you get with the cold, gloomy and rather disgusting weather. I love autumn but this week has been an absolute joke. A playlist I created to get me through this weather has so far, brought me up from the depths of this crazy weather depression and brought me out the other side. Actually even making me go out running this weekend, I know, mad. Anyway, this playlist will not only make you smile but possibly even motivate you in the process!

Jake Bugg - Broken
Ok, so as you probably can guess, I really love Bugg and his music, it is somewhat refreshing and really hits me unlike anything I've heard before.

Skid Row - Youth Gone Wild
I've been getting more and more in to gradual heavier rock, I mean whether you class Skid Row as hard rock is for another time. Yet, this song makes me feel great and makes me want to get out there.

We are Scientists - Nobody move, Nobody Get Hurt
We are Scientists are absolutely amazing. Completely underrated and this song highlights their music as being almost one of a kind, hit the play button.

Everything Everything - Cough Cough
Original foot tapping goodness in one single song. Been listening to the occasional Everything Everything song and this really does show what they have to offer, although I can tell they have so much more to give, can't wait to see more!

The Undertones - Jimmy Jimmy
I don't know what it is about this song, I'm always humming it wherever I go and Feargal Sharkey's voice just adds to how iconic Jimmy Jimmy actually is.

Laura Marling - The Devils spoke
I just, yet again, feel enlightened by this song, the voice and music come together to create a fantastic tone, ready to pounce in to the listener's ears.

Bobby Vinton - Blue Velvet
Bobby Vinton's voice just makes the eeriness of this song yet explains the love and adornment of the song, it makes the listening experience much more of a exciting and enlightening experience.

Kasabian - Shoot the Runner
I feel unstoppable listening to Shoot the Runner, it sets me up for the day, ready to fight pretty much all that comes my way!

The Last Shadow Puppets - Hang the Cyst
Out of all the TLSP magic, this shines out for me. Hang the cyst is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Tell me you cannot get your imagination in full speed once listening and I'll pay you £10000.

The Smiths - Shakespeare's sister
This song completes me and my iPod. Shakespeare's sister is full of the things I love and it really does keep your thought processes from working overtime. You just accept Morrissey, that's the way it is. The Smiths as a group, you accept it too, you can't find reasons for the songs as they just are there in black and white. That's what I find fascinating.


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