Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club formed in 1998, originally from San Francisco the band are now based within Los Angeles. For years now, I have listened to my own father press play on their records and each time I have felt the same feeling I felt when I was younger. This band, I have grown up with, and they have always been the one to listen to when things have gotten a bit tough. Their music has something for me and I can definitely hear tones in which have influenced other new fantastic artists such as that of The Black Keys. You can clearly hear the influences of Jesus and the Mary chain and others within BRMC's music but there is also the original twist and spite they include within their songs.

I took it upon myself to create a quick playlist in order for you to get a greater understanding for this amazing creation.

Love Burns (taken from the B.R.M.C album)

Conscience Killer (taken from the Beat the Devil's tattoo album)

Spread Your Love (taken from the B.R.M.C album)

Awake (taken from the B.R.M.C album)

Berlin (taken from the Baby 81 album)

666 Conductor (taken from the Baby 81 album)

Aya (taken from the Beat of The Devil's tattoo album)

The Likes of You

Head Up High (taken from the B.R.M.C album)

Stop (taken from the Take them on, On Your own album)

River Styx (taken from the Beat Of the Devil's tattoo album)

If you listen to one of these songs you will, I guarantee have at least one either on your iPod or be singing it all day. Therefore, succumb to the power of Black Rebel Motorcycle club. You will not forget it.


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