Saturday's Gig night..

On Saturday night I got taken to a bar on the Wirral called The Coda Maine. During this night JR Music Promotions, (a music promotion company run by Jess Rafferty in association with Fallen Industries) put on a fantastic night, jam packed with surprises and most of all great music.

The general vibe from the bar was immense, before the gig, you could soak up the ever growing atmosphere circling around the equipment and the general venue.

The first act was Steve Banks, a great local talent. We would describe him as a one man band, but don't be put off, this one man band rocks beyond recognition. Leads me to question, do we need an accompanying band, when the solo artist has drum sensors within his shoes? I just wish I had taken a video of his performance, as the bar soon enough became packed with eager eyes upon him. I made a few notes during the performance and his music was top notch and everything he had was put into that one slot and for a solo artist, his stage presence was that of excellence, almost captivating if you like.

The second act, The Grasshounds, brought a different equation to the mix. The band, also from Wirral, brought a bit of a heavier kind in being. The band specialises in covering musicians such as Joe Bonamassa, Pearl Jam and Alice in chains. The music was slick and spine tingling to all that listened and thanks to Steve Banks, The Coda Maine was packed full of people just having a great time, enjoying the fantastic music. And no night is complete without a few dancers getting up on the dancefloor and The Grasshounds had their fair share. Although after some technical difficulties, the band came out on top of their game. Really selling the unsigned music scene.

Here is a clip of them from a few months back, give it a watch!

All in all, this night could not have been more spectacular. Thanks to JR Music promotions, Fallen industries and The Coda Maine, this fantastic experience could not have been more of a success. Definitely companies to watch out for in the future. And, if you haven't been down to The Coda Maine already, pop in sometime and you will not be disappointed.

JR Music Promotions!/jrpromotionswirral?fref=ts

Fallen industries

The Grasshounds!/TheGrasshounds


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