Review - Jimmy and The Revolvers

Jimmy and The Revolvers - sounds like a great band name.. wait, it's a one man band. Yeah, you heard me and it's fantastic. Jay Rehm is behind this persona, a guy from Liverpool who plays all instruments on all the tracks he creates, layering it all together on the recordings. His influences vary from the likes of Shack and Love to The La's and The Beatles.

Listening to the music you can hear different sounds varying from late Beatles work, a bit of acoustic slow folk and I really want to throw a Noel Gallagher in there, I mean you may disagree but there's definitely that tone of song and voice present. Like I mentioned above, you really think a one man band couldn't work but in reality, listening to it sounds great. There is a new wave of this type of music coming through and we have to embrace it, it's carefully creeping onto the scene and soon we will find ourselves with the possible eventuality of bands not needing to be here.

Jimmy and The Revolvers, you just really have to listen to it. You can't put it in a group, it'd be wrong to do that to this type of music. This is what I have found when listening to music, some artists can't be placed in a genre or specific group and they don't need too. It's just who they are and it is how the music is. We can't question this.

Give this a listen, track is called Sleep in The Day;

Listening to "Hello" on the sound cloud channel and the harmonies are fantastic and experimental.You're going to find me repeating myself a lot now, but trust me, I think I know what I'm talking about and if you want to get into something new and different, Jimmy and The Revolvers is the way to go.

If you want to catch Jimmy and The Revolvers, he'll be playing both days at Metrofest in Liverpool on 1st & 2nd December, one not to be missed!

Details of the event can be found here;


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