Laura & Claire

A mixture of genre's in one musician or group is becoming a 'thing' now with many artists experimenting within their music and with Widnes' very own Laura and Claire, there is no exception. The  charming vocals and the acoustic feel of their tracks really opens up a new, enchanting world, full of folk and alternative rock. 

Each track has a fable, or story-like sound, completely bewitching, casting a spell upon the listener to really fall in love with this type of very personal music. When listening I breathed a sigh of relief, finally two women who can create spot-on perfection - always knew us girls could do it! 

Their track, Goldrush has an upbeat allure that has a capability of speaking to the listener, simplistic, yet all the more fantastic for being such a way. The harmonies come hand in hand with the music and the acoustic sound brings an eerie, alternative tone into the music especially with each note and strum of the guitar becoming increasingly enthralling.

Pretend to Like it, another captivating piece of art work by the dynamic duo, only adds to the enrapture already put forward by Goldrush. More harmonious perhaps than the previous track yet matching its personality and persuasion, winning over the sceptics and non-believers of type of music I have described.

A final track to listen to has to be Midnight Blue. Hypnotising and intriguing, the different vocal tones add to its sheer merriment whilst also being at peace with the other tracks, falling together without sounding like clones of one and other. The folk genre adds an additional charm to this melody, making it sound even more of a gem then perhaps the others, definitely my favourite.

After listening to Laura & Claire I am eager to hear more and with a future album in our sights, we're definitely going to be seeing a lot more of this awesome duo, watch this space!

Live Dates

31st January 2013 - Portobello Acoustic Sessions - The Metropolitan, London
8th February " - The Head of Steam, Liverpool


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