The Vibe

BRIT-POP fuelled ready to hit the alternative-electro rock scene, one of  Burton upon Trent's own The Vibe, seem to be taking a get big leap into the music industry with a fantastic edge ready to cause an animate stir amongst music lovers young and old.

The trio are definitely one of a kind, the music they create is only found few and far between now-a-days but they give their music that extra something and control it needs to carry on single-handedly. Brit-pop has been reworked by these guys, giving the genre an added indie/pop edge, extremely brave to take on, yet pays off excellently. Some may not take to the likeable beats and guitar rifts but others will welcome this new wave with open arms, a great band for the upcoming festival circuit - if you ask me.

I gave a listen to Sixty Two, one of the two exhilarating tracks on their brand new single. It's so upbeat and and catchy that you can't help but subconsciously sing it over and over. I really like this track as it has that summer anthem feel, I want to say that doesn't belong within this new era nevertheless it works incredibly well, too well in fact. Playing on that much needed new music we're all edging to hear this year.

Wise Man, the second track in the double sided single, reminds me of the likes of The Wombats and Spector. Again it's energising tone tantalises the ears of the listener, you want more of this drug, if you like, to really get into the band itself, definitely screaming summer yet again.

Enjoying The Vibe is completely natural, they're so likeable with both tracks sharing the same buoyant personality. The tune itself is universal, you could easily hear it being played on the radio as you're driving to work or going home, it's this music we need and The Vibe confronted this urgency with one single.

Whether it's playing at Y not festival or receiving airplay on local radio stations and BBC Introducing, The Vibe are going places, I cannot wait to see and hear more throughout the year. Festivals or releases 2013 is going to be a crucial year and I wish them all the best for the future, give them a listen, you will not look back.


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