Thomas McConnell - New Single

ON repeat since its release yesterday, The Back Seat Of My Car, the new single from Thomas McConnell.  A cover from Sir Paul McCartney's RAM album which has been given a complete new lease of life, a music face-lift and also features a few indications towards other tracks involved in the noteworthy album.

The catchy, hypnotic vibes send you into a gleaming disarray of kaftan-wearing psychedelia, you cannot ask for much more within a single, especially a cover version. Of course, just like any other cover, you always compare it to the original, yet when you do so, there is no conflict between either release, they both hold their own place within a special league... no clashing is present and its certainly not a painful listening experience, completely the opposite in fact. 

I only have positive notes to make about the track. The vocals and range of instruments from drums to guitars create a trance-inducing state in which you can only become involved in once listening. Everything succinctly flows beautifully into the next verse, line, word. It's utter genius what has been summoned here, crowning a harmonious piece of musical craft.

This release has not only revived my love for McCartney's solo work, but made me appreciate the music he creates even more. I think McConnell has done this deliberately, to prove to everyone that even music, which is more than forty years old, can still be found just as exciting as waiting for a brand new release in 2013.

I have a preposition for you, give it a listen, tell me I'm wrong, because even if it isn't your usual cup of tea, you'll instantly take a liking to the hallucinogenic melody that this talented, upcoming musician has created.


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