Watch Tower

LIVERPOOL yet again holds another psychedelic offering to the music industry with an exciting band, Watch Tower. The four lads from Liverpool are set to create hypnotic waves during the next year, just you watch.

I was surprised by their mature sounding and how all the more refreshed and uplifted I felt for simply listening in. Understanding their music gives you a new outlook on how to perceive rock and roll with a definite hint of psychedelia. Music is always changing, sometimes for the greater good, there's something about this quartet that has that little bit more, especially with an extra bite to turn sound on its head.

I took a liking of their track "I don't mind" as it screams that paisley-infected hypnosis that a great deal of 60's rock attached their roots too. The music itself has a catchy, summer-anthem feel, with the enchanting vocals adding to the echo of a chimerical chorus. It's an incredibly fanciful peace of work, you cannot doubt the sheer amount of effort that has gone into the making of this track as it well and truly pays off. By this what I really mean is by giving it a listen, the track will change how you feel about this new era of music. Something I constantly harp on about I know, yet I can't lie to you because this is exactly what this track achieves.

All of their tracks have psych-rock flowing through their veins, separate personalities and an apparent strong rebellious streak that all come together like a family with Watch Tower being the hub of the home. This factor is probably what makes their music so likeable.  

 Although the sound of Watch Tower is altogether fantastic, I can't help but feel there seems to be something missing, as of what, I'm currently unable to locate this factor. They are definitely a band that are suited to perform live though there is no faulting that their tracks are still great in single form. Being able to see them perform would bring out more raw imaginative emotions within the listener, one that I know lies beneath Watch Tower's surface yet isn't so obvious when listening. Give them a listen and see what you think because they're certainly too good to go under the radar!


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