French Boutik

PARIS is commonly known for its attractions, fashion and romance yet it also should boast about the fantastic musical talent coming from behind the scenes. French Boutik are a great example of this talent, completely proving that all the sixties-psychedelia is regaining its rightful power, combining Lambrettas and soulful dancing once again.

An example of their craft would be the track, New Bossa, the happy-go-lucky sound had me in a trance as soon as I heard the first pluck of the guitar. Then lead vocalist, Gabriela, starts to chime. Her vocals make the track all the more hypnotic and time-travelling. It just pours that adoring kick-back, slick tone, so original yet so patchwork-montage, extremely catchy and upbeat. You listen once and feel as if you want to take it in again, so you do, you re-play, your ears compute and then you turn your music off. Wait a minute as that is the same amount of time it takes for you to hum this very tune, obtaining you in a hypnosis which is sure to hold you for forever.

I also gave a listen to their track, In The Meantime, it has such an amazing chimerical tone, dragging the 60's era back into shape. Very cavern-esque indeed and would undoubtedly sound even more legendary on vinyl. The introduction of the harmonica, later on in the track also gives it that fanciful supernatural aura that has to invite you in, no matter what. I guess that is what makes French Boutik so powerful.

Without this 60's era, we wouldn't have the music we have today, and without this, we wouldn't be able to distinguish the implausible music from the rest. If you ask me, French Boutik are definitely able to compete with the many iconic hits and artists from that very special era of music, as well as today's new  talents. Get listening, I promise you'll never look back.


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