Midnight Wire

INDIE rock has become the necessity for Summer with the likes of Two Door Cinema Club, We are Scientists and Bombay Bicycle Club leading the way for the ultimate season of sun sound. Is there any room for musicians to strive higher than these admiring artists? Well let's take a look at Leicester's offering, Midnight Wire. 

This energetic 4-piece are a constant threat to the 3 bands I listed above, a happy-go-lucky sound mixed with their powerful tone pushes Midnight Wire to the next level. You realise just how exciting music can be when you listen to these guys.

'Not Just Selfish' was the first track that grabbed my undivided attention. The introduction had me hooked with it's heavy beat,  fantastic guitar and thumping bass, all playing with heartstrings, delicately yet forcefully thrusting an important influential eye upon the listeners. We then become acquainted with lead vocalist, Alex Van Roose's dynamic yet all the more intense vocals, making the quartet become even tighter as musicians, nothing could come between them and their music, this factor being apparent once listening. As I explained before, this track has a definitive Summer-esque feel of which clings to the very roots of its existence, creating an anthem worthy of chart-topping success. You feel honoured to be hearing something so raw in tone yet so universally sound, we need Not Just Selfish in our lives just to prove that indie rock hasn't gone all bad...

Midnight Wire are a critically acclaimed phenomenon and whether it be through live shows (such as playing at Alt-J's after show bash) or new releases, we'll be hearing a lot more from this young lot, who knows where they are going to be in a years time. I grabbed an interview with front-man Alex, to find out more about what's in store for Midnight Wire... Enjoy!

How did you all decide to come together and create Midnight Wire?

Originally me (Alex) and Chris were in other bands who played a lot of shows together. When our previous bands split up, we started having a few jams and put a set together. We recruited Arj as our bassist and Nik as our drummer to complete the line up.

What did you all do before creating Midnight Wire?
I was a car park attendant.
Chris was a toilet concierge in a local club.
Nik was a beach lifeguard and met Arj who sells sea shells on the sea shore.

Has anything surprised you now that you're working together in this way?

I don't know whether this is a surprise or not, but it's great that all our influences have come together and worked so well to create a smorgasbord of musical flavour. It's not something that we have decided on, it's developed into our own sound.

How did the Alt-J after-show party gig come about?

I've known this promoter for a while now and he's been really into the band. He books quite a lot of similar shows and sent this one our way. We are all really excited about it and we can't think of a better way to end the tour.

What are your favourite tracks to play live at the moment?

We enjoy all of our songs , although we do quite like playing some of our newer material. It's nice to keep the set fresh. It's also great playing a lot of the releases we have coming up for the album like 'All For You', 'Running Forever' and Never Gonna Leave LA is always good fun for us to end the set on.

How did gaining air-play on BBC Introducing help spread the word about Midnight Wire?

It's helped us a lot. BBC Introducing is crucial for new bands and they've been there supporting us since we started. Dean Jackson in particular has been a huge help for us.

What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment we are finishing off the debut album and arranging the single releases. We are also on tour at the moment which has been great so far. Due to shoot all the videos for the singles soon as well which is exciting.

Are festivals something that you'd all be interested in?

We love festivals. Should be at quite a few this year, but still waiting to hear back from booking agents/promoters to see what we've actually got. But yeah, we love them.

What are your opinions on the current chart situation?

It's fine, songs are in the charts because people have bought the records. Hopefully one day we'll be in there as well.

How has the 2013 tour been so far?

It's be great. Met some really cool people, lots of partying and lots of hangovers. We are still alive, but its early doors at the moment. Can't wait for the next dates we've got coming up.

Are we going to be hearing a lot of you very soon?

You should be hearing lots from us. We have our album 'Crossing the Rubicon' due for release in September and three singles due to be released in the next few months as well... Lots of touring as per usual of course!
I'd like to thank Alex from Midnight Wire for this fantastic interview, keep watch, we'll be hearing a lot more from them soon!

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