EERIE ghost-like tones that send shock waves through your system always set out to make fantastic tracks, take musicians like Ottilia for instance. Her alternative, enchanting sound has you craving for more.

Sweden born and now based in London, Ottilia has had a fantastic year from supporting Willy Mason to spreading word about her music up and down the country, attracting listeners from far and wide with her bewitching sound.

Live shows
13th May - Ping, 180-184 Earl’s Court Road, London

I gave a listen to her track 'Heartless', the introduction still haunting me now with it's tin-like beats complete with light percussion chimes, setting an obscure scene for the gradual progression of the wondrous sound. Whispers of a voice softly caresses the harmony, wrapping it within cotton wool, alluring a consumption of everything apparent. Not overly-powering but still enough to intertwine instrumental and voice in a martial bond making both equally important whilst allowing one to perhaps progress slightly ahead, more so than the other, helping us to appreciate the ingenuitive sound wavering from our speakers. I've never heard something so spiritual yet alternatively driven.

Ottilia is definitely a talent to be excited about. Her music will be anywhere and everywhere so soon and I can guarantee she won't be disappearing off the scene. Let's wait and see, you heard it here first! I grabbed a quick interview with this charming young lady to find out more from behind the scenes....

When did you decide becoming a musician was what you wanted to do?

It's hard to say I decided, I simply felt for it all of a sudden. My parents could never get me to play an instrument when I was younger. I've always hated when people tried to make me do stuff. But found a guitar, a friend taught me Shoreline by a band called Broder Daniel. The day after I stayed home from school just to learn that song properly. After living in London and realising people actually fancied my songs the desire to work with music grower intensely
 I believe I've wanted to since learning the first chords, but it's only recently that it's become something I'm truly aiming for with all my heart.

How do you know when a track feels good?

When I want to put it on repeat in the morning, I'm most critical in the morning. Or when I start singing on it without noticing it first. It just has to feel good. I'm really hard on myself and I find it hard to trust anyone else but myself. I have to feel it, otherwise there's no reason to sing it.

What's been the most exciting thing to happen to you so far within music?

The very few times a stranger's been recognising me on the street from some gig, telling me they enjoyed it,  has been amazing, feel on top of the world haha. But the tour supporting Willy Mason was definitely the most exciting this far. Travelling around England alone with some books & my guitar was great. Seeing the landscape in the north looking like sights from Lord of The Rings was awesome. All the people on the tour really brightened my days as well.

Do you have any pre-gig rituals that get you totally psyched up for a gig ahead?

Usually sing The Steward of Gondor by Billy Boyd and jump hitting myself in the face.

What is the music scene like from your home town?

Its a good mix of music, got really talented friends back there. However, I prefer the mentality I find here in England. People are more keen to help each other out over here. In my home-town Uppsala and around Sweden in general there's always been a type of competition. Don't really get that, I just wanna play music and if I think my friends music is great I'll promote it like a proud grandma.

Are festivals something you'd be interested in?

Definitely, I love festivals. I'm always the annoying person that doesn't get hangovers. Festivals are great in a way you can discover so many new bands and there's always so many too see. I'd love to play one this summer cause I can't afford to go to any.

Who do you look up to for guidance in your music?

I've gotten to know some amazing people over here in London who always helps me out, don't know where I'd be without them. In times of doubt I'll watch music docs. The New Garage Explosion is great for me to get confident, cause the bands in it are all about the feeling of music. Just recently watched Marc Bolan - The Final Word, his energy gave me loads of inspiration to just do what I want to do and not be ashamed of taking space doing it.

Where was the best venue you've ever played?

Tough one! King Tut's in Glasgow was great cause I got food. But must say my favourite was supporting Farewell J.R. in St Pancras Old Church. I've got a thing for churches and ancient things, felt incredible.

What is your opinion on the Glastonbury headliners this year? Anyone surprise you?

I'm still dying I won't see Rolling Stones, think I'll hibernate on some farm in Devon or something trying to stay away from anyone who can make me jealous. I'm not surprised, just looked through the line up and I think i'd put Tame Impala & Alt J among the headliners.

Are we going to be hearing big things from you this year?

Will truly work hard to make that happen.

I'd like to thank Ottilia for this fantastic interview, keep an ear out, we'll be hearing a lot more from her very soon!

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