Thomas McConnell - On My All Alone

MONO sounds, needle scratching on record, something you can feel pulsating through your veins. Welcome to McConnell's latest musical instalment, On My All Alone, full of vintage indicators pointing towards a core-shaking anthem with an incredible home-like feel making the audience grow a warm fuzzy feeling inside, excited yet comforted by the wholesome sound. Common features of all his past work all make an appearance, being engraved differently each time. Again, the past has been rejuvenated, recreated, imagine if we could all have this ability with music. The world wouldn't be as dull as it seems.

I've got to a point now with almost wanting to expect things from music, there isn't any harm in that, i'm only human. I have gotten familiar with McConnell's sound yet he never fails to surprise me, there's always something to mix each track up, keeping it fresh and very much welcome, not just by his listeners but passers by. On My All Alone is a track that absolutely defines convention but again we find ourselves falling for the sound. Genre does not come into it. McConnell doesn't need a category, he's in a league of his own, it's how it should be.

Live performance of On My All Alone taken at Telfords Warehouse, Chester.

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