Union Dolls

LIVERPOOL'S very own hard-hitting rock quartet are causing an incredible authoritarian stir in the music world... Complete with an edgy style to keep you on your feet topped off with copious amounts of eye-liner. I introduce to you, Union Dolls. 

Heavy guitars, blunt bass, slurring vocalists and hooking drum beats keep you eagerly waiting the next instalment, rolling your head back and forth, tapping your fingers, absolutely in awe of the music coming from your speakers.

'She's More Rock n Roll' grabbed my attention for all its enslaving sound, almost brainwashing listeners into falling for its bewitchingly recherch√© tone. A count to four begins the introduction which rapidly increases to a full-pelt garage-esque sound, bewilderingly applying more fire to the burn. Tinted with the raspy slowing of the vocals the music gains more accreditation, more admiration. Place vocals with the foot-tapping music provided and we have a delectable treat for us all to endure. Absolutely and most definitely pushing their authority to a whole new level. The recorded track is definitely enrapturing but then if you're fortunate enough to experience the Dolls supremacy live then you know how gobsmackingly brilliant they well and truly are.

Union Dolls have definitely emerged at the right time with the likes of Deap Vally and Haim gaining world-wide success it's only right that the UK churns up a more fiery contender for the best of the bunch. Now based in London, the four Liverpool lasses are spreading word of their domination all around the country whether it be gigs or new EP's we'll be hearing a lot more very soon. You've heard what I have to say, so read on to find out more about this cosmic phenomenon!

More and more girl rock combinations are popping up in the music industry, do you think it's our time to shine?
Yes we definitely think it's the girl’s time to shine in the rock industry although, it is still quite rare. We think it’s a refreshing change to the music industry and think it’s about time that more female’s get into rock n roll.

How did you all come together as The Union Dolls?
We have all been friends for a long time before the band and two of us members are sisters, and we all shared a love of music and it just made sense for us to form a band. We all started learning our instruments at the same time and it just fell into place.

Who inspires you when writing your music?
A lot of can come from past experiences and some can just come from nowhere at all. Also we take inspiration from our favourite bands when writing music like Nirvana, The Runaways and the White Stripes.

You're from Liverpool but now based in London, where do you think holds the more opportunities?
Both, Liverpool is a lot smaller so we're more well known in Liverpool but London is a great place for music also and has more venues to play.

When did you knew exactly music was what you all wanted to go into?
Probably in our teens we all started to get into rock music and especially when we started to listen to The Beatles we all knew then we wanted to pursue music.

Where did you play your first ever gig?
It was in Bad format in Liverpool a tiny venue, and around a year later we were playing at the echo arena so it was a huge difference in venues but such a nice achievement to have in such a short amount of time.

What gets you in the music-writing mood or does it just come to you during the day?
If we're writing a song it can come at any time really, at night drifting off to sleep mostly. We can’t really just say "I’m writing a song" it usually just comes to us at random times.

How do you find chart music at the moment?
There’s not a lot of rock in the charts these days and that’s what we want to change, but we think the chart music today is great but we do tend to listen to older music. We do like some current artists like The Black Keys, Lana Del Ray and The Pretty Reckless.

Have any of you done or thought about creating any solo work?
No we haven’t done or thought about any solo work, because we haven’t been together long so we're just excited to carry on working as a band.

What things are we going to be hearing about you in the future?
We are going to be gigging a lot more in London than Liverpool in the future and we want to do a UK tour and then hopefully get signed, and then put more rock into the charts.

I'd like to thank Union Dolls for this fantastic interview, I cannot wait to hear more from them! Watch this space! 

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