The River 68's

BACKSTREET Rock'n'roll is becoming somewhat the fashion right now and with fascinating pioneers such as The River 68's its easy to see why. These Glaswegians are rejuvenating our typical rock formations and creating music of which rock legends would be proud of. Mixing conspicuous soulful references with their own independent raw sound.

The smooth, raspy introduction of their track 'Brandy Alexander' has audiences bewildered up and down the UK, flaunting their extraordinary talent as strikingly cool musicians, so very collected with their music, holding the ability to blow any opposition out the water. A swinging beat starts to formulate going hand in hand with wild-west tinted guitar strokes of which then, partnered up with lead vocalist, Craig McCabe, harps a series of poignant, heavenly notes that pushes an already apparent foot-tapping to a whole new level, it's not just not any track, it's now an intimate journey the River 68's have coaxed you within to experience, are you disappointed? Of course you're not, you're dancing on a bar stand, brandy in hand, swinging your hips to the delectable noise riding through the air-waves into your now freshly corrupted eardrums.

The River 68's have an image that reflects their music and luckily, they both work incredibly well. You know what you're getting when you listen to the full 68 package, there are no gimmicks, no secret meanings, just good wholesome music that plays with your heartstrings in all the right ways. Whether it be playing This Feeling in Glasgow or supporting The Temperance Movement, we'll be hearing a lot more from these five lads so keep watch and read on to find more about this great sound...

How did you all get to know each other before creating The River 68's?

Chris and Craig are brothers who knew Gerry from a young age, they met Chris Russell when he was in another band, quickly recruited him to add a bit of class to themselves and AJ was spotted playing drums with Jon Fratelli and they really liked him, he liked them, such on...

When do you know when a track sounds good?

Some are instant hits, when the hook gets you first time you know you should continue in that vein. Others are growers, maybe not your favourite at first but the more you listen, the more you like. A lot of stuff I love now, I might not have years ago so I'm glad I keep an open mind.

Where do you think is a great place to spread work about your music?

Wherever your from, Glasgow's got a lot of good bands and venues so I think we're at an advantage that we've been able to play great gigs and meet lots of people who're in the same position as us. It goes for anywhere though, start local and then think about the big picture and the internet etc.

How did getting to play This Feeling come about?

We've worked with Craig who runs the Glasgow show and we were keen to do This Feeling, it's always got great acts on and a great atmosphere.

Past or present, what would your ideal music venue to play and why?

What about future? The Hydro's not finished yet but looks phenomenal, like a proper LA 70's rock venue, Zep would have definitely played there.

Do you have any pre-gig rituals? seriously, smoking and wine.

What are your favourite tracks to play live?

All That Bohemian, it's mid tempo and groovy, the harmonies are usually the ones we nail as well.

How would you personally describe your sound?

A mixture between The Black Crowes and Teenage Fanclub. It's worth mentioning two great bands and try and ride on their coattails.

Has there ever been a set 'plan' so to speak for the direction of your music from the beginning?

Well it's always been a guitar band, we want to play happy rock 'n' roll music so if we started playing jazz fusion a few eyebrows would be raised I imagine. There's nothing wrong with other genres but we enjoy what we're doing.

What will the rest of 2013 hold for you guys?

Hopefully a lot. We tour Scotland throughout May and release our debut EP digitally on June the 3rd, with the launch night on the 2nd in Glasgow's Nice n Sleazys, it will also be available in physical format through our website ( Beyond that we're appearing on Rapal TV (BBC) in August and will be setting a date for an album launch around then.

I'd like to thank the River 68's for this great interview! Keep watching we'll be hearing more from them very soon.

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