Mammoth Playlist #1

RIGHT in the middle of April I had this funny idea of creating one colossal playlist, anyone could submit their work and it was all in aid of gaining coverage for these individuals. It has taken an incredibly long time to put all of the submissions together and I am incredibly happy to say that here is PART ONE of The Music Manual's brand-spanking new playlist. Remember it's all about the music, Lauren x

Jimmy and The Revolvers

Talented four-piece hailing from Liverpool, creating music worthy of a knighthood.

Alternative rock 4-piece hailing from Liverpool.

The Bordellos

Controversial alternative 3-piece from St Helens.

Matt Swift

Singer/songwriter from Liverpool creating fantastic easy-listening tracks, leaving audiences feel refreshed after listening.


Alternative rock five-piece from Wirral, giving us something to get our teeth stuck into.

Alternative singer/songwriter using experimental methods to create fascinating tracks.

Joe Evans 

Rock tinted glasses with a sharp alternative streak, defining real music.

Jake Chesworth

Singer/songwriter hailing from Shropshire fusing acoustic with rock and rock with alternative.

Stevie Banks

Soft-rock sprinkled with 90's grunge sounds make Stevie Banks a music provocateur.

Karma Corner

Indie rock meets slurring lyrics, Karma Corner provide a great new basis for some fantastic music creations.

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