The Romleys

THE ROMLEYS are Liverpool's answer to a constant calling for original, 60's infused music. It's incredibly hard to find the magic that can be placed in that very fantastical era of music without it sounding samey but my, my how they pull it off.

This sensational 3-piece are creating music worthy of a critically acclaimed status, bringing a foot-tapping beat back to basics, stripping down all apprehensive opinions, turning them into rays of unmissable musical sunshine, if you haven't listened yet then now is most definitely the time to jump on the Romley train.

Their debut single, 'We Love Everyone' has everything I have previously described and more. A finger-clicking introduction sparks off an amazing array of hypnotic vibes circulating the air polluted with remarkable  tonal features and bewitching beats. Vocals go hand-in-hand with the genius instrumental factor, completing the perfect partnership to carry on and reach the peaks of musical success, how fantastic this is, not only listen to but experience first-hand.

Three incredibly talented musicians creating music of which we all will love, sure to be spreading up and down the country very soon. I grabbed an interview with The Romleys to find out more behind the fa├žade...

How did you all get together to form The Romleys?

Garry: We have a mutual dislike of most modern music.
John: We like The Bees though.

Who or what are your main inspirations when creating your music?

Garry: we are just trying to compete with our own record collections.

Where do you feel is the best outlet to get your music heard?

John: Here, there and everywhere.

Garry: I wrote a song about that, it was a hit.

How did getting airplay on BBC Radio 2 and 6 come about?
Garry: We have no idea.

Is there any pre-gig rituals?
James: We don’t really get together in a huddle on anything we just make sure we are all ready to put on a good show.

What are your favourite tracks to play live?
John: Without sounding arrogant, we love playing them all...

Garry: I don’t think we’d play them otherwise.

Your music seems to reflect fantastic eras of music gone by, has this always been the plan?
James: There has never been a plan we just do what we love and it comes out sounding the way it does. It’s just as important knowing what you don’t want to sound like as much as knowing what you do want to sound like.

Is there a venue that you'd love to play repeatedly?

John: We think if you played anywhere repeatedly it would get a bit boring, different venues have their qualities so we couldn’t really pick one out as our favourite.

Garry: hmmmm. Diplomatic.

What are your opinions on the big-named festivals?
Garry: I think any large congregation of people digging music is always good.

What does this year hold for the Romleys?
Garry: Writing more interesting music, and coming to a theatre near you some time soon.

I'd like to thank The Romleys for this great interview... Get listening!

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