The Sirens

ELECTRIFYINGLY plugged, alternative rock 3-piece, The Sirens, are creating music full of paranoia and shrieking sounds which are tearing up convention.

Concocted from rock and the infamous 90's grunge era, The Sirens sound is one which can only be described as marmite, but, as it happens, i'm a rather huge fan of marmite.

Psychedelia also makes appearances throughout each track, intertwining intricately to make each piece of work an exceptional artform. One track that stands out to me has to be 'Martha My Fear'. The infectious guitar sound spins around the thumping of the drums and melodious flicking of the bass strings. It's lullaby feel armed with a consistent alt. beat projects the track in a three-dimensional way, simply bewildering the audience who are picturing light beams projecting in all different directions, cursed by the soothing vocals of frontman Josh Newton adding calm to the boisterous storm that has started brewing at the forefront of this topsy-turvy EP.

'Answers' consumed me for the duration of its existence, catchy with an incredible umpf-esque power, echoey meets mysterious, Killers meet Supergrass. Adoring it's glory I began to develop a wonderful understanding and dance to the beat, shaking my head, moving my hips, something which can be awkward with music of this caliber yet the moves felt completely natural, drawing more than enough attention to the brilliance of the musicians coming through the track.

With the recent release of their demo EP (which you can buy here) I have become more aware of The Siren's ever-growing presence within the unsigned music industry. These 3 lads have the look, the sound and the bond which is crucial to succeed, you'll be hearing a lot more from them in the near future. I caught up with frontman, Josh Newton, to get a behind the scenes guide to The Sirens...

How did you The Sirens first come about?

I moved to London back in 2009 with the aim of getting into a band, after 2 years of retail and wasted time I got myself in a few bands playing guitar, all the while writing songs in my bedroom. Until summer last year I decided playing lead guitar wasn’t enough so I got on gumtree looking for a bassist and found Tom, we went through a couple of drummers before he got his friend Pietro involved whos a great drummer and the sirens were born.

What direction do you want to take your music in?

I just want to be musical enough for all the music nerds out there and wanna-be guitarists to have a crack at as well as poppy enough to get stuck in anyones head, I write lots of different songs, as long as we like them we’ll play them, we never pigeon-hole ourselves to a specific sound or genre really. The main focus is to make music we’d want to listen to if we were on the other end.

Where does the inspiration for your tracks come from?

A lot of my lyrics in songwriting come from feelings of isolation, alienation and I guess love? which sounds a bit pretentious but its hard to think of anything else when you spend nearly 4 years in London bedsits with strangers, does get a bit bleak, also like to reflect on my teen years when I got up to a lot of mischief. Not exactly selling life in the city am i?

What get's you psyched up before a gig?

The Crowd is the biggest thing, especially if you are on a good bill with lots of other decent bands to feed off of.

Do you all share the same influences in music?

It’s like we drive different cars but park in the same lot, I (Josh) am more into early 90s rock like Smashing Pumpkins, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Soundgarden, QOTSA, John Frusciante, Toms more into the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Arctic Monkeys and Blur whilst Pietro likes Franz Ferdinand, Devo and a lot of post punk, so it’s a mixed bag but fused together we manage to create something we love, if other people love it too its a bonus. We definitely converge on a common pop sensibility.

How do you find is the best way to gain coverage for yourselves?

Well getting mentions in decent music blogs like yours is a big one, we’re making our first music videos for our tracks just be cool and answers soon so we can get that up on youtube, as well as plays on amazing radio and other stations who champion unsigned bands. We also have our new demo CD on sale from our bandcamp, Not by focusing only on ourselves, but by collaborating with as many people who enjoy our music as we can.

Is there anyone out there in the industry right now who you're liking the sound of?

We like Drenge, Tame Impala, Dinosaur Pile up, Wavves

What do you think makes you stand out as band?

Well we’re a 3 piece that manages to make more noise than a 5 piece. All of us give all we can to each song, and we hope you can hear that.

If you could only ever play one venue, what venue would it be and why?

God knows, that’s a tough question, it’s a hard choice because I love intimate gigs when they’re  packed out with stage invasions etc, but stadiums would probably be cool too, haven’t really got an answer for you... I think Pietro would like it if we played one of his legendary warehouse parties for the rest of time.

What are you looking to achieve this year?

We’d love to get signed and record an album with a label that could really push us. Getting some tour support slots and just gig as much as possible, get some more videos done, travel the world, and more than anything to have the opportunity to focus on our music with the support of people who enjoy our music and are enthusiastic about us.

I'd like to thank Josh for this fantastic interview, The Sirens are definitely ones to keep watch for!

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