Horizons - Whitemoor

YOU may remember a past article of mine about a rather conspicuous 5-piece from Derby going by the name of Whitemoor. Well this rather exciting month of music has also given us a new offering from this talented bunch, a brand spanking new album going by the name of 'Horizons'. 

Their latest offering not only gives substance but also an indication towards the fantastic talent that each member possesses. I commented on it last time and I shall do it again because you must appreciate these fantastic musicians for the magical music they produce. 

For me there are two tracks that really stand out, the first being 'All I've ever known'. It is definitely one of those tracks that continuously grows on you. It's fantastic synthy-pop start sends mixed signals as to what you're about to hear, then, a full-pelt guitar introduction sparks a thousand imaginations. The raspy voice of lead vocalist Benny start to chime and ultimately owns the music. This wonderful velvety tone progresses and the rest of the track begins to formulate into a cloudy haze within the dark cave of which is your mind. For the sensational synth and piano sound we can hear, we must thank the only lady in the group, Louise. I have never heard a sound such as this that actually sounds good with the music, I salute her for the refreshing creativity she has brought to the WhiteMoor mix as it is this factor of which makes the music so prominent. Stumble upon the beat, created by drummer Tom, the elaborate guitars from Barrington and the flutter of the Bass from Luke, and hear how they all authentically forge together all in aid of the pace of the track, undoubtedly forcing a satisfying 'umpf', way beyond the façade of the synth-rock musicians.

Another track that grabs me has to be 'Horoscopes', a weathered track, worthy of moor crawls, complete with gliding fog and an almighty teeth-chattering breeze. Almost gothically inclined with a sure to surprise twist of chimerical melodies, ready to kick audiences back into shape. The eerie guitar soundings complete with a slow-pace drum beat collectively clump together with Whitemoors already unquestionable synthy-prowess. Combining modern technology with the world's oldest musical instrument - voice. Absolutely brilliant. 

The whole album is screaming out to be listened too, whether you are a fan of what I have described or not, you will be blown away by what a tight-knit group can produce, Whitemoor have acquired it as an art-form. Get ordering this fantastic album, you will never look back. 

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