The Spitfires

DISCOVERING the Watford 3-piece, The Spitfires, has been something I have relished in for the last few months... You may remember them for their clean cut looks, brash opinions or gutsy music, but it is now time to build on their music superiority with their latest release, 'Tell Me/Words To Say' (released 17th June)... Preparing to blow even the most notorious musicians out the water.

'Tell Me', is a track like no other, tapping into society's one-sided opinions and confronting these prejudicial views in a seemingly clever form. Well adapted to the 3-piece's well known reputation of knowing exactly what they want to attain rather than the misconstrued media meddling we're spoon fed everyday. 'Tell Me' has confrontation armed with brash sounds, using frontman, Billy Sullivan, as the voice to all who want change and their music as a porthole which only broadens their masterful versatility. With it's seemingly chimerical sounding comes a dark side, speaking out about teenage drug abuse and more importantly, talking quite openly about this factor, rather than shying away like most. Wholesome and upbeat, intricately knitting two completely opposite emotions together, only stating their musical prowess.

'Words To Say' is the next fire-breathing track to caress your eardrums, with an introduction that becomes an addiction, followed by haunting vocals, enough to send shockwave tremors through your presence. It's not every day a track such as 'Words To Say' is nurtured, moulding into the most foot-tappingly essential piece of music, most desired to feature upon any chart listing to date. Give The Spitfires a try, you never know, you may have found a new favourite.

2nd Middlesbrough (Venue TBC)
3rd Richmond Live Festival, North Yorkshire
25th One Better Day Festival, Leicester

15th The Blind Tiger, Bolton

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