Joe Evans

DRIVEN by Rock'n'roll, Wolverhampton's own, Joe Evans brings a new outlook to the distorted genre, giving us something to sing and dance about. Time has only perfected the talent this young singer/songwriter possesses, therefore one can only imagine what his future career in music holds.

'Cold As You Can Be', Evans debut single is a carbon copy of Miles Kane's 'Give Up' but, take this with a pinch of salt as this musician places his feet firmly on the ground with his latest instalment... 'The Assassinator'.

'The Assassinator' is an absolutely fantastic tune, soundtrack worthy and incredibly powerful. It's echo-y beginnings, twist and turn the guitars formation, bewildering the listener as multi-various musical layers overlap to create a monumental sound, much greater than any of the new-age rock 'n' roll, definitely growing to become the anthem of the moment. Then, Evan's vocals start to hark and the track gains yet another mysterious persona, adopting the crucial phenomena of which has been added to create a mystifying similarity to the works of The Last Shadow Puppets. Brilliantly inclined to shock an overwhelm audiences with it's crazy features and hellacious vibes.

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