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IF you were lucky enough to come to The Music Manual Presents... you would have come across a rather loud and extremely brilliant, Go Fiasco. The Liverpool four have indeed grown into an admired attraction in the local music scene proving how much faith we should have in an industry which seems to become more and more diabolical with every chart show.

Their sound has been described as a psychedelic mix-match of post-punk sounds and rock 'n' roll roots, bravely moulding a sound like no other, thinking for themselves and reaping the benefits.

A brand new EP 'Meet My Mystery' is due to be released later on this month and The Music Manual has had a very special sneak preview of the quartet's latest superior work. One of the 6 tracks featured is 'Proof is in The Pudding'. It's infectious stop-start introduction prepares us for the first-class beat ahead provided by superb drummer, Liam Gardner, not to mention lead vocalist, Dan Duggan's super-eminent voice, heating-up the tone, roaring at the instrumentals, almost challenging them to a battle of most musical poignance. It's this competitiveness that doesn't ruin the track but very much makes for an original product of creativity, the complexity and conflict involved increasingly add to this rustic-underground feel definitely pushing two opposing sides of the magnet together to create something which would never ever be able to produced again.

Another track featured is 'Cutting Corners', a slower more mysterious track if we compare it to 'Meet My Mystery' as it floats like a heavy mist, lingering in the surrounding air, ever present and ever calling to an impressed audience. This track flaunts the musical talent that each member of Go Fiasco possesses, just listen to the guitar supplied for you. Lead guitarist Jamie Roberts provides a fantastic edge to claw at, to hold on to, not to mention the lulling thump of the bass from bassist, Ben Murphy. All together I really hear the power in every single stroke and flick of the tongue, amazing how powerful music can be, but listening to Go Fiasco is so much more than just words, thoughts or feelings. It's a release, a completely new world.

Go Fiasco have come incredibly far from their humble beginnings back in 2011 and listening to their sound developing is all the more exciting. It's been a pleasure working with these guys and I cannot thank them enough for what they have done for me, whether it be playing at The Music Manual launch or promoting my work, read on to discover more about the exceptional, Go Fiasco with a rather sarky and interesting interview!

How did you come to achieve the current Go Fiasco line up?

Dan, Liam and Ben have known each other and all met at school. We went through a few guitarists until we met Jamie at a new years eve warehouse party, he swiftly joined the band soon after!

What do you think your new material has which perhaps your old tracks lacked?

The new tunes definitely sound much better live than the old e.p, and are much more dynamic.
We were trying to go for more of a raw live sound with the new tracks.

What're your favourite tracks to play live?

They are all great to play when you have a good crowd in front of you, Like A Ghost tends to send people nuts at the end though..

Are there any other local musicians that you're liking the sound of?

We've been hearing good things about the Beatles, haven't had a chance to check them out yet though..

What makes you different to other artists around today?

Each member of the band has very different influences, these range from 50s rock and roll psychedelic/shoegaze stuff, 60s beat, punk and even a lot of modern dance stuff. With us having a wide range of influences, putting them together has helped us craft a very unique sound.

Best gig you've ever played? (Careful what you say here now lads! haha)

Has to be the Music Manual Launch & our Zanzibar headline! It's very rare to have a gig where you have good support, good crowd, decent venue and a soundman who actually knows what he's doing, but when you do it makes for a very special night..

Any pre-gig rituals?

No time for pre gig rituals, trying to get there on time is hard enough..

What's on the cards for Go Fiasco this year?

We have our new E.P coming out very soon, along with a few b-sides. Loads of Liverpool shows as well as some in Manchester, London and Leeds later on in the year. We are also currently in talks with some rather important people in the industry, but we cant say much about that just yet! All will be revealed soon..

Going back to when you first started in all your music journeys, any advice you'd give to your younger selves?

Don't walk before you can run.. 

What is the future for go-fiasco?

Our horoscopes have been looking pretty shit recently, but we beg to differ.. 

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