The Albino Peaches

COMBINE rock and folk genres and throw in some acoustic wit and The Albino Peaches have been created. This London duo claim to fuse a bluesy 50's rock brew for their listeners, creating something so refreshing and rough around the edges, defining a clear market for their musical ability.

I got listening to 'Home', a rather upbeat track from the talented pair, using Daniel Parkin to offer rock'n'roll vocals tinted with a 50's twist, sure to bring an iconic sound trembling to your ears... Along with vocals, the guitar sounds we hear are also brought to us by Parkin, sharp and quick yet incredibly skilled allowing for head-rocking from side to side as you relish in delight at the uncontainable sound bubbling from the moment you press play. To cumulate this catchy sound we have a miraculous multi-tonal beat of which Tommy Judd adds to the mix, complimenting the vocals and guitar, the partnership is one made in heaven, captivatingly stunning. Oasis meets Buddy Holly, a train crash of genres oh but how The Albino Peaches make it work. And work it does.

The Albino Peaches make music enjoyable, not only for themselves or listeners, but for passers by and that is solely powerful. Get listening to this delectable duo, you won't look back.

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