Jake Bugg // What Doesn't Kill You

'What Doesn't Kill You' was a mystery to me. The first time I heard it I felt torn, ripped from fantastic acoustic roots. Realisation set in when I reflected upon it, see, being original is something which puts you in an audiences good books and those people who dislike Bugg, tasted tar because of their lust for something just a little bit different from the Nottingham lad. A lot of these avid music lovers were extremely against the remnant Dylan indications, sounds and vibrations. Cleverly and once again, Mr Jake Bugg has captured an audience at a time of a music civil war.

The single tries too hard to be violent. Too hard to give a F***. The pace and addictive guitar holds the track above water, totally overwhelming, however, still feeling the threat of going under. This fanaticism is too much for Bugg's vocal capability, we cannot help but wish for more 'umpf' instead of the 'cool guy' persona. It's this enslaving instrumental has me jumping and head-banging. I can't imagine anyone else fitting the vocality side of the track but Bugg. Nevertheless, I just can't get my mind around the fact that this is the new sound.

Is the track really that good? It could be better. Jake, ditch the leather and please surprise us with Shangri La.


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