Natalie McCool

CROWNED Female Artist Of The Year at this years Liverpool Music Awards, Natalie McCool has been rushed off her feet due to her high demand, taking her sensationally chimerical sound with her.

Calm and collected, her anthems act like a calling. Summoning you inside, closing the door and engulfing your being, taking over every little ounce of the world around us. It is this very release that McCool provides us with by the bucket load.

I gave a listen to her debut, self-titled album and fully embraced the ominous vibrations pulsing through the speakers. My personal favourite has most definitely got to to be 'Dust and Coal'. Showcasing McCool's equally eerie and fearless sound, brilliantly radiating power and enchantment. Fairytale-esque a battle builds, beautifully formulating upon ingenious rifts and savvy harmonies, liquid gold to the ears. Progressively becoming a bewitching music fest, jam-packed of multi-various tones and flicks, giving us reason to chant along with McCool's captivating vocal prowess.

'Thin Air' shows the diversity within McCool's music. Radiantly becoming a track so attractive, it's incredibly hard to ignore. The tune is a spectacle, reminding me of an early Florence Welch before she became horrifically massacred by Calvin Harris. Pleasantly winsome, McCool has somewhat created a revival for female musicians in the city, creating a pathway for a most exciting future ahead.

Natalie McCool is yes, a very cool lady, with exceptional dress sense and music to swoon over. This girl has it all, especially when acclaim comes from the likes of BBC Radio 2, Introducing and XFM. Get listening, because soon enough, we'll be hearing her name all over the world. The Music Manual grabbed a quick interview with Natalie to find out more about the lovechild of Johnny Marr and Elizabeth Fraser...

First off, Congratulations for becoming Female Artist Of The Year! How does it feel? It feels absolutely great thanks for asking! I've been quite busy since, but the trophy has pride of place in the sitting room. It's so great to win, I was over the moon! When did you decide that music was something you wanted to do? 
Well I remember watching Top of the Pops & The BRITS on the TV, when I was very very young, and thinking it looked so cool to be in a band and play shows in venues. I used to listen to all of my older sisters' favourite music which inspired a lot of my taste and style. I got into LIPA when I was 17 and never looked back! You're about to embark on your latest UK tour, what date are you particularly looking forward to?
Definitely the kick off show at the Kazimier in Liverpool on the 7th November! I absolutely can't wait, we have Ravens, Cousin Jac & Silent Cities supporting us, and we'll also have some pretty cool stage designs/props for the show too! I really love looking forward to being a part in organising & playing events like this, it's a thing I really enjoy. Are there any other local artists you're liking the sound of at the moment? 
Yes I saw Vasco Da Gama recently and really loved them. I also really like Bird & Silent Cities (who are supporting on my Liverpool show 7th November). What's the best part about playing live? Do you have any pre-gig rituals? 
I guess the best part is just feeling the music. I like to hear my voice filling the whole room and to grab people's attention. That's the good thing about the live element I suppose. As for pre gig rituals...the excitement makes me wee a lot... When do you know when a track feels good? 
When I want to listen to it or sing it over and over again - that's when I know. Or when I want to play the guitar part all day. Do you think you're a harsh critic of your own music? 
Yes I would say so - I think you have to be, to get the best from yourself. There is nothing wrong with being a perfectionist and I definitely am one! What's the 'dream' for you? 
I'd love to go on Jools Holland. The show is legendary! What are we going to be hearing from Natalie McCool in the near future? 
Keep eyes and ears open for my new release 'Wondrous Place' - which is my very contemporary version of Billy Fury's 1960 hit. It will be released just before I kick off the tour!

See Natalie perform on the first date of her UK tour 7th November @ The Kazimier, Liverpool. Advance tickets now online:

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