PSYCHEDELIA infused tea is a cup best served with New York's own, Spires. Bringing a warm sunshine glow wherever they go, this quartet is certainly one to keep your eye on. 

Their sound has been likened to that of pots of gold under a rainbow with bamboozling rays of talent exhuming from the music produced, realistic and chimerically sound. 

'Candy Flip' is a sky-scrapingly clement track, animated by anthemic guitars, brewing vocals and capricious drums, enough to make your mouth water. The introduction is welcomed with an indian hum and sparks of multi spiralling beams attached to churning guitars and synthy overlays, perfecting a glowing sound which strengthens with each dreamy vocal, becoming symmetrical to that of the instrumental background. Fully bloomed we hear 'Candy Flip' in a new light, graciously pulling each attentive note, twirling it around in a glaze of contrasting madness. Their latest music video offering for the track has this very hypnotic notion modelled for us all to see...

Kaleidoscopic genius', Spires are most definitely making their style of music even more delectable from their cool persona to their easy accessibility. Having gained coverage in NME and playing gigs with the likes of Allah Lah's, MINKS and Palma Violets, we'll be hearing a lot more of them in the following months! I grabbed an interview with frontman, Matt Stevenson, to find out more from behind the scenes...

First of all thanks for agreeing to this interview! I'll start off by asking you to introduce yourselves...

Hello Lauren. My name is Matt Stevenson there is also Jack Collins (bass), Samuel Shea (guitar), and Ethan Snyder (Drums)

What inspired Spires?

Spires came about in November of 2012. I had been writing songs that were influenced by a lot of Creation Records bands but also 60s psych, and The Walker Brothers, too.

You're from New York, can you tell us a bit about the 'underground' music scene there?

There is a vibrant music scene in New York for sure. It's pretty electronic at the moment so it was initially hard for us to get decent gigs.

Do you think your name depicts the sound you're trying to create?

I think the name is pretty fitting. It's a little heavy metal, though. Towering sound I guess. I got it from the Felt song "Rain of Crystal Spires".

Have any of you got obscure facts about your fellow members?

Hmm let me think...obscure facts...Our drummer Ethan is really into the Grateful Dead, Jack plays banjo and violin quite well, Sam owns this crazy organ from the 70s that i'm pretty sure is called "The Entertainer III", and my favourite actor is Malcolm McDowell. 

You've been playing a lot of shows with artists such as The Allah Lah's and Palma Violets, have you learnt anything from doing so?

I think we've learned to handle technical difficulty a little better. Not every show is gonna be perfect and things sometimes break but you've gotta roll with the punches.

How was gaining coverage in NME magazine helped spread word of Spires?

The NME coverage has been cool. It's definitely helped us begin building an audience in the UK.

Are there any other artists that you're liking the sound of at the moment?

We like this band called Temples that our booking agent turned us on to. We're playing with them on November 26th at Union Pool in Brooklyn.

Whats on the tarot cards for the future?

We're all pretty psyched about the future. I don't want to speak too soon but there will definitely be a lot of time spent in the studio this winter.

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