If lingering trippy nights are your sort of thing then look to Towns for your ultimate track playlist package. This Bristol band are capable of bringing gloom to any cheery face, turning their 'psychedelic' expectancy on its head. Broadening the rainbow spectrum to the darkest corners of emotion, obscuring and twisting their music until they physically cannot offer anymore.

I gave a listen to a few tracks they have available on Soundcloud and came across 'Sleepwalking', a scuzzy shoegazing slur with a drop dead beat sulking in the background. The deep vocal whispers combine to produce a moist track, blood, sweat and tears. Bringing alive a noise the likes of Peace and Palma Violets have highlighted, spiralling into their own vanilla rays of hallucinatory nightmares. The ever-present gloomy grunge only accentuates the abnormality of their sound, proving their strength as original artists. 'Sleepwalking' is most definitely a 90's submerged track, belonging to the underground scene, a gift best left to be only uncovered by true music lovers.

As soon as I clapped my ears upon Towns music became conscious again. A nebulous mist recently clouded over any music I heard, one making me increasingly picky and two giving me a reason to re-evaluate what to feel when hearing hum-drum sounds, HOWEVER Towns are a credit to their hometown of Western-Super-Mare and Howling Owl Records. Get listening and become an active part of the magic unfolding.

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