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IF you are stuck in what to get your loved ones for Christmas this year then look no further we give to you, Ali Ingle. Ok, we may not be able to offer you the man himself wrapped up under your Christmas tree but we can provide a fantastic Christmas extravaganza.

Saturday 21st December brings 'Do Robots Dream Of Christmas' crash landing at East Village Arts Club and it's a night not to be missed. With a young and superb Angle, the equally talented acoustically inclined Yarbo, and a smashing DJ set from no other than Thomas J Speight.

Way back in Music Manual history, we once described Ali as an 'easy going kick-back lyricist'. After you've been introduced to his wonderful cheeky-folk tainted sounds, there's no way you can go back. It's that simple. This gig is complete testament to this, I can't tell you how thoroughly excited I am to be able to witness some of Liverpool's best bunch of artists all under the same roof.

What better way to find out more than from the man himself, Mr Ali Ingle... So without any more hesitation, here's all the behind the scene gossip you will need to know about whether Robots really do believe in Christmas.

Hi Ali, how've you been since we last featured you on the ole' Manual? 
I'm really good thank you ! I'm feeling creative and generally i'm in a good place. I'm trying to keep busy but ultimately remember what Im aiming for and why i started out in the first place. I think its very important to never get ahead of yourself and always be as grounded as possible. But saying that I'm a massive dreamer. How are you?

I'm great thanks! Earlier on this year you were signed to KUNDUN Music and you are now recording (or finished recording?) Your latest album, has this whirlwind year spared you on to become more focused within your music? I did yes and the album isn't too far off being finished. The problem is I'm a perfectionist and I'm surrounded by perfectionists. Between me, my producers, and my label we all want my debut album to be the best it can possibly be. But the whole process has definitely made me more focused. I've always had my eyes on the prize for a little while now but having people behind me really is encouraging. Also I have the time and resources to be creative and really get into what it is i do. You've been quiet for a while now, why choose 21st December to come alive again? Well for that exact reason. I have been quiet too long and although the project isn't quite finished i feel like making a bit of noise. What better place to do that than my birthplace of Liverpool. I chose the 21st because I love christmas, like LOVE it. I wanted to reconnect with fans and just generally show my face but obviously i had to do something creative/weird. So I chose a robot christmas celebration gig with my best bud and my bro supporting. We all know Liverpool is gleaming with brilliant unsigned music at the moment, who have you got your eye on? 
Well my mum always keeps me in the loop with who's new on the scene (very crazy i know) but she's much more clued up than me. And any bands that also record in Parr St that i may come across. I'll just give you a list of my faves... Red sails Yarbo Angle (my bro) Ian Dunn Colour Have you ever been involved in any other musical projects? 
Aha, well I started out in a band called The screaming eagles. Shamefully I thought of the name and it was a long time ago. We were awful and barely played one gig but I can't forget my roots ha. Also I've done some writing with my female vocalist and friend Jessica Carmody, which was going to be a project but was put on hold as we are both pretty busy at the moment. But I'm sure something will happen in the future, and I plan on doing a crazy rap album at some point, no lie! Can we get any gossip on your future material? 
Haha well I guess if you like what you've heard already its an improved more refined version. Ive experimented but its still my voice and my words. The music is a lot bigger and better as I have a very talented team and band behind me. I just can't wait for people to hear it to be honest. The time will come and then i wanna know what you really thing ! What are we going to be hearing in the EVAC on 21st Dec? 
Well I'm going to be playing the songs that you know with a full band and a more electronic arrangement, but then ill be playing more stripped back acoustic versions too. And I will deffo be playing new songs from the album as it is a great way of testing the water. All of the lucky gig goers will also see support from the amazing songwriter and best friend of mine Yarbo, My little brother and crazy sick dj/producer Angle, and not forgetting a Dj set from the loveable tom Speight. What more could you want really ? Do Robots Dream of Christmas?
Well see that is the question I'm asking, do they? Do you think they do ? personally I think robots (although lacking human emotion) must do. If I had a robot, I would personally program it to dream of christmas. And boobies. Christmas and boobies.

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