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The Music Manual's readers panel is back with a boom, yet again, we have the best of  the best, our marvellous readers telling us what their favourite musicians were that featured on the blog in the last following months. So, here we go, enjoy and remember it's all about the music! Lauren x

Melissa-Kate Newitt on John Lennon McCullagh
If it wasn’t his name that intrigues you it’s his powerful folk-like voice. His voice is more than impressive for a man of his age, being just 15. And his musician skills are just as good; McCullagh’s guitar playing matched with his powerful singing will make Bob Dylan fans go wild. 
His latest single ‘North South Divide’ is definitely one that impresses as soon as your finger clicks play. With a hint of Jake Bugg and Liam Gallagher in him, the young lad from Doncaster has written a masterpiece with added wow. His music reflects a generation that was almost lost, however one of the best, meaning his sound is a blissful piece of memory for some and the becoming of reality for others. The single is a must have, a song to get your teeth into, it will be stuck in your head for hours but trust me when I say, it’s worth every second of it.
John Lennon McCullagh is an upcoming artist destined to achieve great things, his debut album North South Divide is out October 14th. All I can say is that cd will be on my shelf that very day. He’s one to watch out for, already gaining an armful of fans as we speak. Incredible musician.

Hannah Welsh on Beach Skulls

Summer is already starting to feel like a distant memory with the dark, wet, cold nights rolling in, if this is already starting to depress you then let Beach Skulls create nostalgia and transport you back to the few weeks of summer we had. With song titles such as; ‘The Waves,’ ‘Summertime’ and ‘Meet Me At The Beach House,’ Beach Skulls certainly give the impression of being a summery band, complete with the sound to match.  

Their juxtaposing name also gives us a sense to their ‘sound’, with jangling guitars and rhythms they are definitely a pop band, though, heavily tinted with elements of grunge creating an individual, interesting sound unlike much of the music around at the moment, whilst still providing us with songs for us to escape to and transport ourselves back to the warm, bright nights of the summer.

Kerry Barrett Turley on Thom Morecroft

I love being part of "The Music Manual" Reader's panel. I have followed everything Lauren writes and posts since the very beginning! Reviews are always brilliantly written and I've discovered some marvelous music such as Go Fiasco, Jimmy and The Revolvers and most recently Marvin Powell. So every month it gets more difficult to be able to choose a "favourite." 

However there is music you listen to and enjoy, then there is music you listen to and feel and you know that in 10 or 20 years time you will still be going back to that track, or album... or singer! For me, that is Thom Morecroft! "You're wrong about me" a very subtle track .. no highs or lows, it just floats along brimming over with gorgeousness yet "deeply powerful." 
Thom is an exceptional young musician, who lives and breathes music! His voice is pure gold and I am fully confident he could sing THE most awful song in the world... let's say urm something like Alesha Dixon - The boy does nothing and turn it into an absolute classic! In my eyes (and ears) Thom Morecroft can do no musical wrong! (Plus he's proper eye-candy and a most charming guy!) 'Nuff said.

Stevie Banks on Beach Skulls

It was awesome seeing Beach Skulls featured in the Music Manual last month along with an interview to boot. I played on the same bill as them at the Shipping Forecast earlier this year and their songs hooked me in during soundcheck. They're laiiiiid back. As a surfer I instantly wished I was with my board, riding high, digging their tunes as they echoed around my brain. It's always wise to have a surf soundtrack. 
I loved the guitar sound splashing about the stage, squeaky clean but heavily drowned in reverb, perfectly complimenting the crashing drums. Not something you usually hear being played by a North West based band, which I love.
They're young, thin, freshfaced and trying something different from the crowd. Nice lads too. Check out their Soundcloud and especially get onto their dark and trippy verion of Summertime. They definitely shine in the dark and I'm looking forward to seeing how they evolve... or wipe out. Either way, they're worth the ride.

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