Thomas J Speight

AN extremely talented 24-year old has been causing quite an animate stir around Liverpool recently. Originally from London, Thomas J Speight has shared stages with the likes of Travis, Jake Bugg and Mumford & Sons, creating an alternative bridge between folk and acoustically inclined full band formations.

Effortlessly harrowing, Speight's music holds a beautiful echo, rhythmically challenging to his audience. Experiencing tracks such as 'Willow Tree' and 'New Day', you come to understand the blissful sounding which makes the painting of the tracks so enchantingly admirable.

'Never Loved You More' was one of the latest tracks we at The Music Manual had the chance to experience and how we feel in love with the absolutely radiant sound. A strong up-tempo introduction sparks the anthem flowing colourfully into each following note, briskly becoming a fulfilling cheery track. Not to be mistaken as 'cheesy', an almighty feel-good factor knowingly takes over our perceptions, bringing our feet to tap and hips to swing. The angelic backing vocals compliment Speight's prominent soothing voice, syncing with precious guitars and a thoroughly enjoyable beat. This track describes a love for someone special and love is what it provides, just like a sweet bird song in the Spring, 'Never Loved You More' is so very unconditionally pleasing.

An utterly pleasing musician who seemingly keeps on giving, Thomas J Speight has that special something which guarantees success. I cannot wait to look back in a few months and see where time has taken him, so as in true Manual fashion, we managed to grab a marvellous interview to find out more about the guy behind the scenes...

When did you first get into music?
I first properly got into music when I was about 8 years old. My oldest sister's boyfriend used to lend me his favourite albums. I remember just sitting for hours listening to the same four albums on loop. Luckily for me he had decent taste in music...
Have your parents played a big part in your music taste?
Yeah definitely! Both of them are big Beatles fans.. I would say my music taste is closer to my mums because my Dad is into Jazz. However, I would say they both have a good ear for a good song!
Are there any musicians that you're liking the sound of at the moment?
Yeah there are a couple of albums that I'm spinning a lot at the moment.. Patrick Watson is great! I did a tour with Fossil Collective and I love that record. The new Travis record is brilliant and its inspiring to hear a band still being creative and enjoying it.
You recently released a free download of your track, 'Never Loved You More', how's the response been so far?
It's been good I think! It's hard to tell because I've been away on tour with Travis and trying to focus on that. I think it's good to give people as much as possible and to keep on writing. It was kind of teaser of a more upbeat sound aswell. I've got my first single out early next year so hopefully it will set that up well.
Do you have any pre-gig rituals?
I'm awful before gigs! The least sociable person ever and the biggest pacer. I don't really like to sit down before gigs for some reason.
What do you enjoy most about playing a show?
I think depends on the show.. If its a duo show with my girl singer it's the storytelling and delivery of the songs but if it's a bigger audience show with the band it's definitely more about having fun with the songs and getting the crowd involved.
Have you got any obscure facts about yourself?
I'm actually right handed even tho I'm a left handed guitarist..weird?
Do you think genres count for anything anymore?
I'm not sure..I really struggle to put my music into a genre. People say it's folk music but I wouldn't like to agree on that..I just want to make good music and songs. I don't really care about genres. I will leave that to journalists and music tastemakers.
What's next on the cards now?
We've just finished the Travis tour so I'm going into the studio to finish the rest of the album and then hit the road in the new year for my own tour and to promote the singles.

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