The Ragamuffins

THE RAGAMUFFINS are a six-piece with a sound so infectious, whole body's collide with the effortlessly polished sound. With melodious humming harmonies, swirling around with the wondrous guitar prangs and savvy indie inclinations, The Ragamuffins provide us with the excellent basis to really believe in the music they so effortlessly produce.

Their latest EP, recently released for listening on Bandcamp, 'The Benefits of a Downhill Paper Round', has been creeping around the city's music scene, providing an exquisite sound for the end of the year.

Each track featured on this EP is ridiculously superb, crafted to place a pleasurable smile upon every listeners face. However, track 3, 'Declan, Put Your Dancing Shoes On' is definitely a Manual favourite with its 60's harmonies, echoey guitar and clapping beats, tinted with a modern-day vocal array of radiantly bright summer fulfilment, brilliantly broadening the 'indie' genre of the early noughties. A foot-tappingly addictive, a fast pace drum beat complete with synthtastic keys, miming the higher noted vocality from frontman, David Jaggs gives us reason to rock our hips and nod our head in agreement with the fanciful sound seeping into their eager, wide-eyed audience. There is no doubt that this EP let alone track, can brighten up any a bad day, no matter what, you can always rely on The Ragamuffins to produce material of critically acclaimed status. 

The Ragamuffins are certainly a fulfilling band, they have the whole package for any listener, no matter what gender, background or genre preference they are. One of a kind, The Ragamuffins are certainly and are going to impress us for years to come, whether its being played at Anfield, featuring on many BBC radio stations or playing shows all around Europe, they certainly don't shy away from success. Get downloading 'The Benefits of a Downhill Paper Round' now, follow the links below for more details.

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