Jimmy and The Revolvers

Artwork by Blak Hand.
DECEMBER is a month well known for its Christmas festivities whilst also, in the latter, bringing the current year to a close. But it is also the start of many exciting journeys, especially in music. Many musicians and artists alike seem to take a shining to the 'ultimate party month' so, when I hear of a new release around this time of year, I cannot help but be swamped within the massive buzz surrounding it.. For Liverpool quartet, Jimmy & The Revolvers, there is no exception.

Out 19th December on iTunes, their latest EP, 'Sunday Morning' will be available to slot within your fun-filled seasonal festivities. With a sound great enough to warm any cold soul, 'Sunday Morning' definitely awakens our hopelessly tired minds as we fall helplessly for fundamental string beginnings, refreshingly tasteful to the typical acoustic variations being churned out by the bucket load. The added use of instruments such as Trumpets, give more body to the music, we're no longer on a journey but experiencing a new breed of sound, similar to the original roots of music, we  witness sound being rewritten. An incredibly bold move but it fancifully works so very well.

A personal favourite of mine has to be 'So Close to Home'. A chilled out track, with a rather willing wild-west, minor mexican feel, complete with slowed echoey vocals, prolonging a slurring slope of harmonious brass and guitar formations, complete with the superior backdrop of a 1950's drumbeat. The ever present brass throughout the track also connotes towards a bandstand full of chimerical music pouring through its open wounds, beautifully polluting the outside world. Listen below to grab a preview of the EP...

Track Listing
Sunday Morning
Little Black Book
So Close to Home

If you want a physical copy of this highly sort after item then you shall have to wait till New Year's Day and if you want to join in the celebrations for this release then you had better get down to the Lomax, Liverpool on New Year's Eve, tickets are only £6  in advance or £8 on the door, and have artists such as RAW CITY, Gaffney and Alister Said along for the ride... It's a bargain if you ask me!

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