Hey Bulldog

MANCUNIAN trio, Hey Bulldog, were recently named unsigned band of the week on Steve Lamacq's BBC Radio 6. And with an electric rock sound such as theirs, the three manchester lads could be mistaken for creating a Black Key /Kasabian collaboration and with their latest hit, 'Numb', unfortunately for both Keys and Kasabian, this is not the case.

Driven by psychedelia, 'Numb', combines whiny vocals with full-pelt melting riffs electrically charged with modern rock and roll tinges. Perfect for a glass of double rum and coke, this track gives life to a parasitic bug who contorts and seeps venom into the body, controlling the emotion that manifests from this track. The sparky intro breaks into elaborate guitar prangs followed by elongated vocals from frontman Rob Manton, his voice is emblematic to the infamous Manc accent, providing a distinguished locational twist on the anthemic tune. Once fully developed, we hear repetition of a clever melodious flourish flaunting 'Numb' to the Hey Bulldog audience. Accompanying this scrumptious sound, a drumbeat worthy of all star recognition, providing a weighty lull which soaks up all the tail ends of the track, perfecting the sound, treating it like an art-form. It is all these factors, dashed with a hint of familiarity that really shines on within 'Numb', we feel and live for the sound. We couldn't ask for much more.

If you're into the new wave Manchester sound coming from the city then Hey Bulldog are most definitely ones to keep your eyes and ears on. Watch out 2014, Hey Bulldog are coming for you!


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