Night Owls

MANCHESTER based quartet, Night Owls, certainly have all the qualities to make it as a Troggs/Last Shadow Puppet mash up. Their music is equal to that of harmonious rays of sunshine, backed up by an infamous homegrown familiarity, the perfect substance for any eager scout to snap up.

Their recently released demo tape, 'Have You Heard of Night Owls?' has allowed many to listen to the duel refreshment that seeps through your speakers. It has been said that the UK's underground music business is overflowing with gems of future stardom, similar to that of the boom during the eras such as the 60's, finding Night owls definitely confirms this hypothesis. First track, 'Absent Charm', holds a mischievous introduction, empowering a graciously curvaceous body of moody wit. The gloominess of the vocals that harp a short time after being swept by the sound beginnings cement the sturdiness of the tune, enjoyably providing a fluctuation in emotions, taunting the audience into falling for this rather bitterly addictive track. Melodious vocality is definitely a charming feature of the Night Owls,  with 'Absent Charm' only flaunting this. Brushing past the fascinating rolling drum beats, thudding bass and sultry guitar, providing a siren of enchantment towards the fanciful four-piece.

'One More Round', bears an ultimate Summer fun feeling. With one almighty drum introduction followed by a heart racing guitar rift that launches audiences to sink amidst a mild psychotic stance, lulling back and forth through psychedelia tinted glasses. Falling short of a drug enhanced spiral of mind-curdling hypnosis. Undermining their own natural ability grants this sound trip to hit audiences like a ton of bricks, startled by the true prowess discovered by gorging on such fanciful music. Both tracks featured are so superior for that of a demo tape, Night Owls are undoubtedly going places - trust me, that repeat button will be cream-crackered once you've finished with it.

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