OBSCURE pop creators Ninetails, are a Liverpool trio guaranteed to leave audiences feeling certainly perplexed with their experimental fusion of vivacity. Take time to listen and allow for the deeply rooted buoyancy of their music to envelope the monotonous drab of your daily routine, soon to become passive due to a unique, Ninetail amelioration.

With their brand new 6-track EP, 'Quiet Confidence', looming within the horizon until 10th March, Ninetails are set to become the creators of a critically acclaimed masterpiece. Their latest leak, 'An Aria', laps itself in this crowning glory especially if we take into consideration that this marvel has only been available on soundcloud for seven days, already achieving well over 800 listens, this is quite an amazing feat for any upcoming artist.

An atmospheric introduction provides the fantastic basis for a very familiar eighties-like chime, again, progressing to an undeniable tribal-esque sound blooming into a flammable array of multicoloured wit and angst. From the word go you are catapulted down a rabbit hole, stumbling upon carefully placed features which dazzle your entirety. Predominantly, we fail to reach for the skip button as we find ourselves suddenly captivated by the mix-match of outstanding high and low notations. Confused, we attempt to wake ourselves from our slumber yet find our bodies once again submerged within a Ninetail reality, ultimately becoming 'An Aria'. What kind of artist/s can pull this sheer movement from behind the scenes? Not many, and Ninetails surely knock the nail on the head so-to-speak when entrancing us in such a joyous motion. This is an extravagance you will never forget.

Ninetails are definitely defying any music that is put in front of them, living to serve the more obscure, arty type of sound. I take my hat off to any musician, or group for that matter, that really, when it comes down to it, challenges what real music actually is. Ninetails are a threesome with an extreme edge and sure sign to stardom... The Music Manual managed to grab a fantastic interview with frontman Jordan, in order to find out all about their marvellous sound.

What made you all want to come together to create Ninetails?
We met in our first year at university and started playing music together casually because we bonded over our appreciation for certain musicians and styles. What kept us together over the past few years though has been our shared love of music and the sort of emotional release and satisfaction we get from being involved with music we genuinely believe in. It's sort of what I imagine raising a kid would be like, haha.
Do you think having a set plan will get you to where you want to be?
Hopefully, but most of the best things that have happened for us have been seemingly random and completely unexpected. Also, we don't know where we want to be, really, we're just writing and recording a lot, taking it one step at a time.
What do you think is the best way to get your music heard?
The focus right now is on writing and recording, we're not trying to get a lot of exposure at the moment through gigging or anything like that. We did that for ages and it was sort of crippling. Right now we're just focusing on writing and recording music, then posting it on the internet and seeing what happens. We would love to get some vinyls printed as well. We're working on that.
What venue past or present would you most like to play?
The Anglican Cathedral would be immense. That building means a lot to us. We live right next to it and we have for 3 years. I played in the Rhys Chatham guitar orchestra there with Phil, which was one of the most profound musical experiences of my life. I recorded the bells there for the opening sequence in the track "Quiet Confidence/ Pure Utopian Moment".
What do you guys do before a gig to get you psyched up?
I usually drink.
Have any of you ever created any solo work before forming Ninetails?
Yeah, I put out a little demo thing when I was in high-school haha, it was all recorded in Audacity, which is a super-primitive PC audio software designed to record voices for radio shows. It's actually one of the best things I've ever done though, haha. My limitations as a producer and the limitations of the software made the music incredibly personal-sounding and nuanced; there are loads of details that emerged simply because of how useless I was at recording things "properly" or whatever haha. Jake has put out loads of tracks as well, and has a project called "Ling" under which he releases some incredibly powerful music; super visceral, very very heavy. He is about to put out a release called "Anthracite" on GET SOME records.
Do you think your latest EP, 'Quiet Confidence' sums up the Ninetails sound?
Not at all. It certainly has elements to it that are characteristic of our sound, but the vibe of the material we're working on now is completely different. 'Quiet Confidence' is all about overtly beautiful and naturalistic imagery, like cherry blossoms and stately geometric shapes, a sort of "holy" vibe, bright, bold washes of color, epic sentimentality, things like that. The new material is more emotionally ambiguous, more alien, more surreal, more of a "gray area". If 'Quiet Confidence' was splashes of primary colours, the new material would be more like pastels, impressionistic oil paintings, that sort of thing.
Where has had the best audience when playing live?
What influences you when creating music?
Imagery and moods really- I usually have a clear visual in my head that I'm trying to describe with sound, paired with an almost physical feeling that I try to incorporate in the music. There's a super-specific sensation that some musical moments have given me, like a sort of tension/tightness in my lower chest/upper abdomen, it feels amazing, I definitely try to balance out the vibes and tones in a track until they start to give me that feeling.
What's on the cards for you this year?
The next release is written and it will be an album. I'm incredibly excited about it, can't wait to start recording. That's where the focus is at the moment, other than that we have a few live shows, like Sound City in May with Jon Hopkins and some others, but the focus is mainly on writing and putting out more material.


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