Armchair Committee

"SWAMP rock" is a term of which may be unfamiliar to many listeners, that is until they have heard Bristolian 3-piece, Armchair Committee. Their self prescribed definition certainly matches their meaty, head-banging vibrations, paralysing an audience with a truly marvellous array soul churning paroxysms. 

Forming back in 2011, Armchair Committee have completed extensive touring all around the UK, sharing stages with the likes of Young Guns and Royal Blood, all the while slowly leaking material. Back in May 2013, Armchair Committee ventured into Courtyard Studios to create debut EP, 'Imola' - produced by Ian Davenport (see Band Of Skulls and Duke Spirit). Now, on April 21st it is now time for the reawakening of a dewy eyed Armchair Committee with their first release on Secret Chord Records.

The A-side to this favourable EP, 'Sick/Bay', holds a tight grasp upon the roots of rock, revealing a blues infected radiance on the distorted lackadaisical anthem. Sparks rush as the introduction begins to develop, almighty drum pelts from Dan Frost tainted with a dwindling omnipresent bass provided by Dave Larkin and not to mention the incurable chugging from Tom Hackwell's guitar, graciously topped off with a wicked raspy vocality, contributed by each member. Progressing, we begin to hear slight pointers towards musicians like Jack White and even Nirvana, yet the deeply rooted foundation of the track stands is not lost and very much remains for the majority, allowing for a raw independence to coat the audience in a smoothly articulated sound. 

"John the Revelator", the B-side of the powerful new release, really taps into that cool deep south sound. From the start, we hear a set of familiar, raspy vocals, brilliantly capturing countrified blues with a single continuum. Facing this, audiences roll within the sultry ambience of the pranging guitar and hallucinatory solos, allowing bodies to slip within an incandescent trance. This track predominantly shakes up a style of musical heritage that crucially needed to be revisited in order to salvage the current state of the industry. Thankfully, Armchair Committee have nominated themselves to become the liberators of a sorrowful music empire. 


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