GO back to The Music Manual vaults and you come across a fantastic singer/songwriter; Craig Lamb, creating an array of raspy folk anthems under the pseudonym, Treetop. For Mr Lamb, this year has not been a quiet one... especially with regards to performing at St George's Hall for the Liverpool Music Awards and being incredibly busy producing brand new material.

After months had passed, I think a lot of us had started to wonder what had happened to the meticulous songster, but, Saturday 8th March brought us something rather exhilarating, and somewhat surprising... a new single, 'I Just Need You'. 

This brand-spanking release is available to download for free, I know how much we all like a good freebie but this track is way beyond the mark. A beautiful mastery is discovered upon once allowing the tuneful notes to wriggle and slip into your ear, falling under a graciously administered trance. We feel an urge to keep focusing upon the whispering vocality, fevering a bubbling pot of angelic harmonium. Startling our imaginations, we feel a dark cloud graze the echo archaism conjured up from the onset, however, this slowly lifts with the feathering of guitars gaining much more power over the lullaby of bass. Falling heavily now, more so than before, our bodies become intertwined with our minds-eye, allowing us to live the track as our own lives, pursuing a powerful phenomenon of musical hypnosis.

 Be sure to get your FREE copy of 'I Just Need You' by following the links below.


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