5 Days of November

Burton's own born and bred, 5 Days of November are conveying a radical new wave of exciting ammunition, prepared to shake us to the core just like their influences, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, administered back in 1998. 

This foursome have been conceiving heart-warming guitar anthems from the day they began back in October 2010 and, with their freshly conjured material due for release April 5th, we get to see an all the more tightly matured quartet ready to take on the industry with almighty force.

'Like A Race' is the dubious meritorious single, most definitely contributing to this divinity of their undeniable brilliance. The title track begins with an array of hefty drum pelts, as if to summon two equally worthy armies to battle, until the electricity of a blasphemous bass initiates a thumping coma-like trance, closely followed by an insane energy from both lead and rhythm guitar, graciously offering lead vocalist, George Mills, to our imaginations. A surely charged phenomenon takes over as the vocality changes from a marvellous contortion to a softly-softly approach, only to then achieve the most captivating resolution of nothingness. 

Armed with 'Stack 'Em Up' - a rather indigenous B-side, 'Like A Race' promises to be 5 Days of November's most adept and thoroughly stimulating piece of rousing artwork. The Music Manual have tipped these guys to be big this year, this single is the only stable proof we need to proclaim their outstanding music ability. Be sure to get your copy of 'Like A Race' to be indescribably yearning for more.


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