The Albino Peaches

IT HAS been almost a year since The Music Manual first discovered a rather exhilarating acoustic duo going by the name of - The Albino Peaches, and since then they have grown into an electric trio adopting a fantastic new bassist, Wesley Stringer. 

Based in Essex, the threesome continue to create lovingly infused blues, rock 'n' roll that was a fundamental foundation of AP's beginnings. And now, with the edition of another member, the new material is heading out of this world. This will be proved on the 31st March when you will all be able to devour the brand-spanking new single 'Gimme The Night / Bang Bang'.

The first track of the eagerly awaited single; 'Gimme The Night', has a radiantly warm being. This becoming apparent with imaginative portrayals of strobe lighting penetrating an almost empty dancefloor, aiming at all the lonely hearts in the room. A lulling guitar rolls around the circulating perimeter with the deep vibrations of a ricocheting bass, all before being escorted by a steady drum beat, all three leading up to a dwindling set of vocals from frontman, Daniel Parkin. Parkin puts a beautiful strain on the lyrics and the general feel of the track, playing on the slow build up towards an almighty chorus containing nothing but absolute desire. This track proclaims the yearning for something you can't get hold of, divulging into the deep frustration of wanting someone so much that you would physically do anything you could to combat the obstacles that prevent this from happening.

'Bang Bang' is most definitely different compared to the very eager 'Gimme The Night'. With an electrifying full-pelt introduction the track builds an animate hip swinging addictiveness, complete with the most pronounced highest of high tempos and chimerically cool pace, listeners will begin to feel the adrenalin rushing through their veins, allowing them to fall further into the Albino Peaches' ready hands. Reviving a weighty rock sound also adds great excitement to 'Bang Bang', giving it a cheeky persona to become head over heels for. Again, we become aware of Parkin's vocals, adding a twisted power upon its being, contorting the sound to grow into a charismatic extraordinaire, arguably becoming one of my favourite tracks of 2014.

From starting back in the Summer of 2013, The Albino Peaches have most definitely progressed so much as a band, fully embracing the real roots of guitar music whilst broadening its horizon with a world class band to suit. I am so excited for the future of this trio, words cannot describe the sheer elation I felt when being introduced to their new material, if this is less than a years work, then god so help our worn-out eardrums with the next year ahead.


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