Sun Structures

February may very well be the month for love and coincidentally it is also a poignant step forward for a certain Midland quartet going by the name of, Temples. Ok, ladies - and gents, we may go dewy eyed over James Bagshaw's mystical mane of allure, yet this artistry detests shadowing our view as we fall so helplessly for their latest psychedelia fuelled, binge of narcotics. 'Sun Structures' is the holy grail from the highest of high, Temple gods. This enchanting offering awakens our lethargic imaginations whilst introducing a world full of colour and vibrancy, provoking a cult-like following to join in the process. If you're already familiar with tracks; 'Keep in the Dark', 'Mesmerise' and 'Colours To Life' then you pretty much have this diamond album covered.

From the beginning, we're exposed to outlandish figures dancing around a fiery pit of bewilderment, chanting mantras towards a great unearthly being. And you think I am exaggerating? I don't think so. You must understand the crucial and perhaps fundamental foundations of any psychedelic charm and the fluency of expression. Provoking a response is the most powerful action anyone, just like you and I, could commit, so why should this infused presence create anything less than that?

To arrive at this epiphany you only have to take a listen to; 'Shelter Song' - the introductory track. The beginning reminded me of a somewhat familiar 60's rift taken from 'Ticket To Ride' composed by a rather famous, The Beatles. A raw collection of hums begin the hippy shake phenomena progressing to a percussionists dream, soon to become a reality. Then, like angels sent from above, our heart cannot help but fall even deeper down the LSD infested rabbit hole with the addition of Bagshaw's soft fumbling vocal curse, providing the gold tipped notes of which make 'Shelter Song' so very ceremoniously favourable. All this dishing out a greater hit in the eyeball compared to any class A drugs to date.

Swiftly running down Sun Structures track-listing and you come across, 'The Guesser'. Here we have black and white evidence of a chunky T.Rex drumbeat, implementing atmospheric twists to a Yardbird treble, contorting a glam-rock façade with a mid-sixties fuzz-tone guitar. Gnarled ominous vibes gush from the scenes with this track, still flaunting the instantly recognisable Temples harmonium in its bloodied hand. Administering a shot of bitter-sweet melodious blues would once again steer the track back on course. Again, the grumbling vocality generates a response, abruptly shimmering through explosive water fountains of glittery potion.

This 12-track album has undoubtedly had a mixbag of reviews, the majority discussing their unsure opinions on the heavily awaited tracks... Yet, to me, it's very simple, a psychedelia fuelled album has a life of its own, so we wouldn't know what to expect, not fully. 'Sun Structures' follows whatever desirable pathway it can find into the unknown to achieve a sound so blissfully revitalising.Temples certainly have hit the nail on the head with this number.


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