Mutant Vinyl

Funktastic on every platform, Mutant Vinyl is creating the type of music which the Prince of Bel Air would be proud of. Complete with synth mixes and saxophone slurs, pleasantly opening a new door where experimental music is concerned.

Now based in Liverpool, the silky smooth songster, Edwin Pope has provided a completely gracious platform for his music to grow both vertically and horizontally, mesmerising not only listeners but onlookers too, tempting each and every one of them to take a dip into a very bewildering world of Mutant Vinyl.

Flaunting a roaring twenties backdrop, Pope's most recent track; 'Lavender', certainly causes quite a storm once listening. The sheer rawness combined with the old school vibes has the potential audience trapped in a laid back sultriness, soaking up potent rays of musical sunshine. Multi-tonal shakes have us totally engulfed as we become induced into a saxophone-induced coma, falling helplessly under the control of Mutant Vinyl's ingenious mastery. We follow a fable that is sung to us throughout this artistry, all the while picking up on how the interchanging electronica adeptly places itself with the capricious lyricisms. Placing us in a hypnotic trance, not wanting to escape from the tranquil release brought to us by the prodigy that is Mutant Vinyl.

From Fiesta Bombarda to playing up and down the UK, Mutant Vinyl will continue to make such magnificently inspiring music, bringing his beautifully concocted creations to a town near you. With all this said, The Music Manual had to grab an interview with the guy behind this fanciful phenomena...

How did the Mutant Vinyl idea come about?
Mutant Vinyl came from me wanting to start my own project, using the saxophone as a lead instrument, alongside my voice. I played in indie bands as a teenager, but wanted something I could take complete creative control over and do something a bit different with.

When creating music, what would you say is the most rewarding point in the journey?
Playing my songs live is always the most rewarding part. I love recording, but nothing gives me
a bigger buzz than seeing people respond to my music positively at live shows.

How did you come to figure out what style of music you wanted to create?
I never really thought about a genre or style, I just wrote songs & produced them in a way that reflected some of my biggest influences, like Prince, Massive Attack, The Clash, Courtney Pine etc.

Do you think you’re a tough critic of your music?
Yes, very – just ask my live band! Haha. I throw away probably 80% of the songs I write, simply because I don’t feel they cut it, & after every gig, I’m always thinking about how to improve things when I get back in the rehearsal room.

In what ways do you practice before playing a gig?
I rehearse with a group of 4 musicians, once a week. I met them at university & they are so giving to my project - I am very lucky! In rehearsal I iron out kinks in certain songs, before bringing new ideas to the table. Jamming & improvising is also a massive part of it, to keep things fun & fresh.

Are there any musicians or bands that you're really into at the moment?
There’s a girl called Laurel who I think will be massive, & a duo called Wayward, who I played a little bit of sax for, who again, will be huge at some point. A good friend also introduced me to a Kate Bush cover of Sexual Healing & I can’t stop listening to it – you need to hear it!

What do you think of the current music situation in Liverpool?
Liverpool is a hotbed for music at the moment; you have both ends of the spectrum within a 5 minute walk – superstars at the arena, & emerging talent in the smaller venues. I’m surrounded by so much talent at LIPA too, which really helps encourage creativity & healthy competition. I have also been embraced by the local music scene – people like Sam Garlick (Bombarda Collective), a local promoter, has given me so many opportunities & I’m massively grateful that people like him are supporting what I’m doing.

Has there ever been a set plan as to what you want to achieve?
There isn’t really an end goal as such; I just want to perform my original music for as long as possible. I guess the plan is always to try & reach as many new ears as I can, & make sure they come & check out the live show as a response to liking what they’ve heard.

Are festivals something that would interest you?
Yes, I love festivals! They are an integral part of summer for me, so can’t wait for the 2014 season to kick off. I will be announcing a few that I will be playing in the next few weeks!

What are we going to be hearing from Mutant Vinyl this year?
I will be dropping a new track in early March, ready for two massive headline shows in London & Liverpool on the 21st March at Camden Barfly and 28th March at LIPA’s Paul McCartney Auditorium. If you’re in either city on those dates, then please come and see what I’m all about!

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