UPON hearing the word cave, the automatic assumption of a dingy, underground rocky terrain springs to mind, however, with this Liverpool quartet, the definition becomes very much the opposite. High on frequency wavesCΛVES have an electric surge running through their homely foundation, using a positive ability to flaunt a prodigious luminosity within each track they produce. 

Starting life in early 2012, CΛVES have gained many a heart with their silky smooth, botched up tracks all the while receiving regular airplay on BBC Merseyside and gigging all around the North West. What is even more exciting is that with the release of new single, 'We Used To Dream', looming within the next couple of months, CΛVES will be causing quite a ruckus this Summer, just what the city needs to fuel its love for local talent. 

The Music Manual gave a listen to 'Swim', taken from their debut EP, 'One', falling in love fot the overwhelming surge of friskiness and charm depicted within each artful note - tantalisingly mouthwatering for any DIY music lover. A joyous introduction sparking from a slow burning drum beat armed with an ever-progressive guitar twitch allows for a nimble spark of genius. Flowing from their fingertips to our vivid imagination, a high spirited vocality, provided by Andy Pink and Dan Carney, ticks through the constant chugging of instrumental provocateurs only to gauge on the radiating pulsation seeping its way through each flick of the tongue and pluck of aptitude. Wind 'Swim' down, and you become increasingly familiar with the energising essence of which CΛVES have so effortlessly composed.

All four of the guys at CΛVES are songwriters. It's extremely refreshing to hear that even after all the commercial artistry going on in the industry at the moment, each member with a different musical taste or background has a definitive decision in the crucial throws of getting songs out there. We are increasingly eager to hear what CΛVES' new material will bring to Liverpool this year, be sure to await the future with prying eyes - you'll be blown away.


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